• 1. For AWAY games only. Roll Call conducted prior to leaving school?

  • Have you conducted a ROLL CALL prior to leaving school

  • 2. Conduct a PITCH INSPECTION prior to each HOME and AWAY game. Game must not proceed if you believe there is a risk to players.

  • Is the pitch free from any large holes or sprinkler heads that may pose a trip hazard to players?

  • Are goal posts anchored to the ground?

  • Are corner/line flags at a safe height.

  • 3. Conduct a PLAYER INSPECTION. Players must not participate in game if they do not meet the safety guidelines.

  • Are all your players wearing shin pads and football boots?

  • There is no evidence of dangerous jewelry or anything else that could cause injury to other players?

  • If weather is hot - do all your players have sunscreen and adequate water supplies ?

  • Have all your players warmed up appropriately before playing?

  • 4. Check WEATHER CONDITIONS Suspend or cancel game if you believe players are at risk. Consider extreme weather conditions that may pose a risk to players such as: lightning, heavy rain, high wind or extreme heat.

  • Weather conditions checked?

  • 5. Check the match FOOTBALL

  • Is the ball inflated correctly (e.g. not too hard)?

  • Is the ball the correct size for age of players? (10 to 13 years old = size 4) (14 years & older = size 5).

  • 6. For AWAY games only. A Roll Call must be conducted prior to leaving AWAY venue. You must not leave the venue until all students are accounted for and collected.

  • Were all Students accounted for before you leave the external venue?

I certify that:

  • All safety steps were conducted to my satisfaction.

  • All students were accounted for and collected after the match.

  • ADD ANY NOTES (optional):

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