Emergency Action Plan Audit

  • Have you developed an emergency action plan?

  • Have emergency escape procedures and routes been developed and communicated to all employees?

  • Is the employee alarm system that provides warning for emergency action recognizable and perceptible above ambient condition?

  • Are alarms properly maintained and tested?

  • Is the emergency action plan reviewed and revised periodically?

  • Do employees know their responsibilities for reporting emergencies?

  • Do employees know their responsibilities during an emergency?

Exit Doors

  • Are the door that are required to serve as exits designed and constructed so that the way of travel is obvious and direct?

  • Are windows that could be mistaken for exits made inaccessible by railings or barricades?

  • Are exits door able to open in the direction of travel? (opening out instead of in)

  • Is a I overhead door prohibited from serving as a required exit door?

Exit or Egress

  • Are all exits marked with an exit sign and illuminated?

  • Are the directions to exits, if not apparent, marked with visible sign?

  • Are doors, passageways and stairs that are not exits appropriately marked?

  • Are exit sign lettering at least 5" high and 1/2" wide.

  • Are all exit doors side-hinged?

  • Are all exits kept free of obstructions and unlocked?

  • Are there at least two means of egress provided from elevated platforms, pits, or rooms?

  • Are there sufficient exits to permit prompt escape in an incident?

  • Are glass doors tempered and meet requirements for human impact?

Fire Protection Plan

  • Is there a fire prevention plan?

  • Does the plan describe the types of fire protection equipment and/or systems?

  • Are all employees aware of the fire hazards of the materials and processes to which they are exposed?

  • Are fire alarms tested at least annually?

  • Have you established practice and procedures to control potential fire hazards?

  • Are sprinkler heads protected if there is potential of physical damage?

  • Is there enough clearance for sprinkler system?

  • Are portal fire extinguishers provided in adequate numbers and types.

  • Are fire extinguishers mounted in accessible locations?

  • Are fire extinguishers serviced annually and checked monthly?

  • Are employees trained on fire extinguisher operations?

Combustible and flammable materials

  • Are combustible and debris and waste materials stored in covered metal containers and removed from the work environment?

  • Are proper storage methods used to minimize the risk of fire and spontaneous combustion?

  • Are approved containers and tanks used in the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquid?

  • Are all flammable liquids kept in containers when not in use?

  • Are all connections on drums and combustible liquids tight?

  • Are bulk containers of flammable liquids grounds and bonded during dispensing?

  • Do storage rooms for flammable and combustible materials have explosion prof lights

  • Do storage rooms have mechanical or gravity ventilation

  • Are safe practices use when liquid petroleum is stored, handled or used?

  • Are all solvent wastes and flammable liquids kept in a fire resistant and cover containers?

  • Are all exstinguishers are all charged and mounted in right area?

  • Are NO SMOKING signs placed and enforced?

  • Are spills cleaned up per promptly?

General work environment

  • Are all work sites clean and orderly?

  • Are all spilled material cleaned up immediately?

  • Are work surfaces kept dry or appropriate measures to assure surfaces are anti-slip?

  • Are combustible debris and waste stored safely and removed promptly?

  • Are cover metal containers used for oily or paint soaked waste?

  • Are there a minimum number of bathrooms?

  • Are bathrooms clean?

  • Is there enough to lighting in work areas?

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