Machining "A" Department

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Employee's using required PPE: safety glasses, safety shoes, etc. when required?

  • Are employee's wearing face shield when using grinding tools?

  • Are employee(s) wearing hearing protection when using grinding tools?

  • PPE being worn properly?


  • Floor clean and dry with no spills (no trash, scrap, etc., laying around)?

  • Exits clear and unobstructed?

  • Materials and tools organized and in their proper place?

  • Work areas clear of slip, trip, or fall hazards?


  • Shirts tucked in, sleeves rolled up, and/or hair tied up to avoid entanglement within equipment during production processes?

  • Employees positioning their body to avoid injury by any moving hazards (rotating/spinning pipe, etc.)?

  • Hands & fingers positioned to avoid pinch points?

  • Employees using proper lifting techniques (using legs, back straight, weight close to body, feet flat on floor, knees bent)?

  • Are employees watching what they're doing and where they're going (looking for / being aware of hazards)?

  • Employees using the right tools for the job?

  • Are they using the tools correctly?

  • Employee(s) safely handling materials?


  • Electrical switches and/or covers in place and working properly?

  • Electrical connections secure (i.e. not loose, not disconnected, etc.)?

  • Are machines and/or equipment hard-wired in through conduit (extension cords not being used as permanent wiring)?

  • Electrical cords in good condition (e.g. not frayed / worn)?

  • Are electrical junction boxes/panels clear of obstructions?

Fire Line

  • Fire extinguisher(s) easily accessible / identifiable?

  • Fire extinguisher(s) inspected monthly/annually?


  • Are door(s) to the equipment closed during operation?

  • Are the guards on the lathes lowered before/while operating the equipment?

  • Are barrier(s) in place between equipment and walk-way?


  • Flammable chemicals stored away from ignition sources?

  • Chemicals properly labeled / marked?


  • Cranes straps being used correctly?

  • Are the straps being used in good condition (e.g. not frayed / worn)?

  • Are other personnel clear / notified when employees are using cranes to lift components?

  • Crane hooks stored 7-10 feet from ground level?

  • Jib Cranes and/or Overhead cranes load rated on each side & visible?

Sound Level

  • Screen Capture (15s - 30s) using Sound Meter app

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