Company insurances

Is a current letter of goodstanding available

Is the letter of goodstanding applicable to the scope of work

Is the correct company name reflecting on the letter of goodstanding

Is there any public liability insurance

Notification of construction work

Is there evidence that D.O.L has been notified of construction work

Has the client and the contractor signed the notification

Emergency numbers



Fire department

Project manager

safety officer

First aider

Fire fighter

Legal appointments

Cr 4 (1)(c) Principal contractor

16(1) CEO resolution

16(2) Contracts Manager

6(1) Supervisor

6(6) Safety officer

Inspections and registers

PPE registers in file

Vehicles registers

All other registers

Risk assessments

Baseline risk assessment available

Issue base risk assessment available

Daily risk assessment formats available

Safe work procedures

Are safe work procedures in place for all the high risks

Are Safe work procedures adequate

Incident management

Is there a procedure for reporting accidents

Is there an incident report form

Is there an incident log

Is there a WCL2 and a annexure 1

Training & medical records

Are there current medicals for site establishment team

Is there a plan or medicals for new employees

Are there training certs for all plant and machinery operators (site establishment)

Induction contents available

Induction register available

Induction acknowledgement available

Contractor controll

Is there a list of expected sub-contractors on file

Is there a plan to maintain control of Sub-contractors on site


Are there toolbox talks available

Toolbox registers available

OHS Act and regulations

Is the current OHS act available

Are all the applicable regulations available

File approved