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Pre audit check

  • Is the area being audited safe to enter?

  • Do you have the required personal protective equipment for the area?

  • Are the aisle ways clear of obstructions?

  • Are exit signs posted clearly to identify exits?

  • Are all walking or working surfaces free of tipping/slipping hazards?

  • Are emergency phone numbers and procedures posted at or near telephones?

Equipment being used

  • Are pinch points and exposed moving parts properly marked and guarded?<br><br><br><br>

  • Are the safe guards firmly secured and not easily removable?

  • Are the safe guards working properly?

  • Are working areas, walk ways and similar locations free of cords creating a possible hazard to the employees?

  • Is the equipment in 100% working order?

  • Have none working pieces of equipment been marked as unusable or unsafe to use?

Chemicals in the work area

  • Is each chemical in the work area clearly labeled of its contents?

  • Does each chemical in the work area have the appropriate hazard warning label on it?

Personal protection Equipment

  • Is the required personal protective equipment worn for the area?

  • Is hearing protection in use in selected areas?

  • Is eye and face protective equipment used when machines or operations present potential eye or face injury?

  • Is personal protective equipment readily available for all personal including visitors to the area?

  • Is the requirement of use of protective equipment enforced?

Emergency Equipment

  • Are emergency eye washes provided in the required chemical areas?

  • Are first aid supplies easily accessible?

  • Are spill kits accessible and fully stocked?

  • Is clearance of at least 18 inches maintained around fire sprinkler heads?

  • Are there fire extinguishers near potential hazardous areas?

  • Is there a fire action notice indicating assembly point present?


  • Are all plugs properly grounded in work area?

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