• st leger home scaffold inspection form

  • Inspection no.

  • address

  • scaffold company

Design Drawings.

  • has a handover been received


  • Are the footings provided by the client Suitable for their intended purpose?

  • Is the ground suitable to take the imposed loads of the scaffold?

Standards & Legers.

  • Are all the standards and Ledgers correctly plum or level within the allowed tolerance?

  • Are all joints staggered?

  • Are the lift heights and bay sizes compliant with table 1 of TG20?


  • Are the lengths of all transoms sufficient?

  • Is there a transom fitted within 300mm of the node point at ledger braced pairs of standards?

  • Are the spacings of transforms correct on boarded and non boarded lifts?

Ledger, facade and plan bracing.

  • Is all bracing connected within 300mm of the node point?

  • Is bracing connected at the correct intervals with suitable sized tube?

  • Is all bracing connected via load bearing fittings?


  • Are all fittings in a suitable condition?


  • Are all ties connected at the correct intervals and have tie tags where applicable?

  • Have preliminary pull tests been carried out?

  • Have proof pull tests been carried out?

Boarded lift.

  • Are there excessive materials left on the boarded lift?

  • Are there any gaps or notches in the boards?

  • Are all boards that are 8ft and under suitably secured?

  • Do all standards project a minimum of 1m through the lift?

  • Are all inside boards suitably secured?

Handrails, toe boards & Brick guards.

  • Are handrails and toe boards fitted where there is a risk of persons or materials falling?

  • Are handrails and toe boards joined correctly and at the correct height?

  • Are brick guards in a good condition and suitably secured?

  • Is there a requirement for debris netting or mono flex and is it fitted correctly?

Ladder/stair access, scaff tags and signage.

  • Is the means of access suitable according to client spec and ideally located including doorway access?

  • Are scaff tags located at all access points of the scaffold?

  • Is all the necessary signage on display?

Rubbish chutes?

  • Are rubbish chutes fitted correctly and at suitable intervals?


  • Are all spare materials in a neat and tidy condition?

Projecting tubes.

  • Have all projecting tubes been kept to a minimum and protective caps fitted?


  • does the scaffold comply with tg20.21

  • actions to be carried out to comply with tg20.21 before use

  • Inspector.

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