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Electrical Safety

  • Safety signs are available for warning against electrical hazards

  • Circuit protection devices are installed on all sections of electrical distribution system

  • Identification labels provided for all electrical equipment (inc panels/DBs)

  • Insulating Mats (IS:15652-2006 Approved) are provided for all electrical panels

  • List of authorized persons has been displayed at Electrical work areas

  • LOTO procedure followed before starting electrical maintenance activity

  • Tools, equipment and PPE are maintained in safe/reliable condition & inspected before use

  • Arc rated PPEs are used inside Arc flash boundary

  • Portable ladders used within the limited approach boundary are of non-conductive type

  • Portable equipment are equipped with 3 pin plug having dedicated earth conductor

  • Extension cords used are three-wired with all conductors and connectors intact

  • Extension cords and power tools are protected by RCCB

  • Electrical panels are kept in locked condition

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