Overview Of Service Audit

Provide an overview of service audit, include number or children and educators present during visit as well as the approved numbers.

Display throughout inside and outside areas

Hours of operation are clearly displayed (P3-ServiceApprovalReg3)?

Fee Information is clearly displayed (P3-ServiceApprovalReg3)?

Service Contact information including an outside hours of operation contact number is clearly displayed?(P3-Service Approval Reg 3)

No Smoking display is at entrance to service and is clearly displayed (Reg84)?

A current Plan or Program is displayed where parents/caregivers can clearly see (Reg76)

Both the QPCYWA and the individual Service Philosophy is displayed (Reg75&Regs168-172)?

The most current copy of the QPCYWA Policy and Procedures is available (Reg 168-172)?

The current Weeks Menu is displayed and is varied and nutritious (Reg75,Reg78&Reg80)?

There is evidence of individual documentation of children's learning (Reg75&76)?

There are community contact information available for families? (Reg173)?

The SAC Open Door Policy is displayed (Reg 157)?

PCYC Membership - "Why Memberships important" Poster? (Reg168-172)?

Does the service have displayed their Service Approval Certificate (license) (Reg173)?

Where Audit visit is whilst vacation care is operating; has the service their educator Break Notification displayed (s165)?

The service has a display/poster inviting parent feedback on the program etc (Reg157)?

The service has the QPCYWA Notice for Volunteers displayed (s12,s13,s21,s109)?

The service has a current roster displayed that reflects the educators on floor at time of visit (Reg145)?

The service has all educators profiles display]ed - stating name, qualification, certified supervisor number and first aid/CPR/Anaphylaxis & Asthma Qualifications and Blue card details (s172)?

The service has who the Nominated Supervisor of the service is (s161)?

The service has who the "Person in Charge" displayed and is accurate at the time of visit (s162)?

The service utilises the Educator Attendance Register (Reg197)?

A sign in and out register for volunteers and visitors is in place and the educators direct person performing audit to sign in (

The services has displayed the QPCYWA Vision and Mission Statement ()?

Complaints and Comments notification is displayed along with contact numbers and names ()?

QPCYWA Privacy Policy is displayed clearly()?

The service has prominently displayed either their NCAC Profile if not yet assessed or their NQS rating Displayed ()?

Where a service has not been assessed under the new framework, they have displayed a notice "stating the Service has not been assessed under the new framework" ()?

There is a map displayed in a prominent position outlined the approved/licensed areas o the service ()?

The service has a comment box or similar in their service ()?

Displays throughout the Room

There is a display on the Environment and Sustainability ()?

Indigenous art and displays as well as multicultural information reflection the children and community are displayed ()?

The service has self worth and encouragement displays around the SAC room ()?

The service has a display reflecting the National Quality Framework - My Time Our Place as well as language throughout the room ()?

There is a display on protective behaviours in the room ()?

Parent Area Display and Information

The parent area is easily defined?

The parent area is tidy and clean and information is in date

There is information available for families on infections (head lice etc) ()?

The latest copy of the Parent Handbook is available ()?

There is a record format to record any compliance notices for families ()?

Information on HubWorks! is available and displayed()?

There are parent induction packs available, [ask educator to provide an enrolment pack, then and there]; the pack must contain - handbook, service HubWorks! link to complete enrolment form; PCYC Membership form; Booking forms; All About Me/My Time Our PCYC booklet; Induction Form; latest newsletter and club information ()?

There is a copy of the PANOSH (Physical Activities and Nutrition in Outside School Hours) guide in place

Evidence of Practice

A variety of resources are set up in the room to engage all the children ()?

There is an area for children to rest or sleep ()?

The children have free access to craft and play resources ()? There is a craft table or resource trolley available()?

The children have free access to outdoor play equipment and resources ()?

The children have free access between indoor and outdoor play spaces ()?

The service is able to provide evidence of program planning i.e. observation linked to questioning linked to planning linked to actions then around again to observations and so on ()?

Children are encouraged by educators to explore the environment ()?

There is evidence through activities or resources of science and learning resources ()?

There is enough books, magazines and reading resources available for children ()?

Is there evidence of interaction and activities relating to the environment?

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Does the service have a Quality Improvement Plan in place()?

When was the QIP last accessed ()?

Is there evidence of continuing improvement i.e. have there been plans of improvement, progress, feedback and accomplishment ()?

Display, condition and Information available in Kitchen/Food Preparation area

There is hand washing (5 steps) information/sign displayed ()

There is information or a display on correct storage of food ()

There is a chopping board guide in place and the correct boards are used for food preparation by the educators ()

There is a guide for food preparation displayed ()

Benches are clean and free of clutter

There is a food handling guided displayed ()

There are notifications including photos of children with allergies; these have been reviewed in the last 12 months ().

There are Asthma and Anaphylaxis management guides displayed.

There is a first aid kit available that is stocked with enough resources to meet the needs of the number of children in care?

All children's medication is in date?

The medication kit is easily accessible and signed

The medication kit is kept out of reach of children

The resources in the medication kit are in date.

There is a soils bucket available

There are laundry facilities or access to them available. Is there record that indicates when towels etc are laundered/

Is a cleaning and maintenance record in place and utilised daily.

Resources and further information displayed

There is a working telephone at the service.

Where there is a child with Anaphylaxis a notice is displayed in parent area for families ()

Where the service has had a case of an infectious illness they have notified families using the service.

There is an infection exclusion guide displayed for families ()

There is an immunisation guide available for families ()

Diligent Supervision Poster is in place in staff area

There are Indoor/Outdoor Supervision Guides in place

There is a healthy food guide displayed

Evacuation and Lockdown procedures are displayed as well as an map of evacuation route and meeting place

Practice, Documentation and Evidence

Medication Forms are utilised and educators are able to provide correct practice of application and dispensing of medication. ()

An evacuation and lockdown drill has been completed in the last three months (one should be done each term and each vacation care period)

The educators are aware of what SI01 form is, and the reporting procedure?

The educators are aware of what an NL01 Form is and when to utilise it?

The educators practice good hygiene practices in food preparation?

The educators are aware of 7.2.1 form and the reporting procedures?

Children's Information

Roll call is done at the start of each session and educators use HubWorks! utilisation sheet to record attendance

Educators are aware of any parenting orders for children in care?


The administration area is easily defined

Administration area/desk is clean and well organised.

The children and staff files are secure in a locked facility

Children's files contain enrolment details that have been reviewed in the last twelve months?

A copy of the Child Protection Act 1999 is available for educators

There is a copy of Know Your Food Business available for educators?


Resources and Equipment

There are enough indoor play equipment and toys for approved number of childre

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.