Schneider Electric will in most cases perform shutdown and/or switching operations as long as the electrical system is understood, the system was installed and maintained properly by the customer and there is no sign of impending failure. The switching operations may result in damage to property or persons downstream of the equipment as a result of previous conduct, errors, or omissions made by others over which Schneider has no control. If a customer requests Schneider to perform such services, technicians must have assistance from the customer to evaluate the equipment condition, review drawing and single line diagrams and determine proper procedures which is then agreed upon by the customer. Schneider will not be liable for damage to or for the equipment, process shut down or injuries to persons where those relate to conduct, errors, or omissions made by others. Schneider Electric Canada works under the guidance CSA Z462. If the Field technician is unsure and or determines that the switching process is unsafe, it is under the discretion of the technician to proceed. A written switching plan shall be developed for all equipment and processes.

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