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  • Progress through the following sections, answering each question. When an item is non-compliant, be sure to add notes and photos as evidence.

General Facility Impressions and Security Posture

  • What is the estimated volume of daily visitors?

  • Have there been security problems in the past? (If so, describe in comments section below)

  • Comments

  • What are the biggest threats to security?

  • What assets at the facility need to be protected?

Camera Program Details

  • Are cameras installed?

  • How many cameras are functional?

  • How many cameras are inoperable?

  • Are cameras managed by security, IT, facilities, or others?

  • Are monitors clear?

  • Comments on camera system or management:


  • Are windows locked/sealed?

  • Are broken windows replaced immediately?

  • Comments/Details:

Perimeter Doors

  • Are perimeter doors alarmed?

  • Are any perimeter doors propped open?

  • Are alarms active during the day or are areas shut off? How is perimeter access controlled through various doors?

  • Is there a regular lock up routine?

  • Are perimeter doors supported by cameras?

Intrusion Alarm System

  • Alarm System Observation:

  • Is an intrusion alarm system used in the facility?

  • Is the intrusion alarm system in working order?

  • Does the alarm system have a power back-up?

Access Control Systems

  • Does the facility use an automated access control system?

  • Are card readers utilized at all access points?

  • Are card readers securely fastened and in good working order?

  • Comments on access control system:

Computer Security

  • Is there a physical security access control of computers and servers?

  • Describe:

  • Are the ares monitored?

  • Describe:

  • Are computers marked with serial numbers or company information?

  • Is after-hours access to server rooms monitored/controlled?

Shipping and Receiving (Trucks)

  • Is access to loading and unloading areas controlled?

  • Describe the security measures and procedures:

  • Are truck drivers allowed free access to the facility?

  • Describe the truck driver access control procedures:

  • Are freight containers and vehicles locked when not being accessed?

  • Are loading/unloading activities supervised? Describe:

  • Is the shipping and receiving area regularly patrolled?

  • Describe the security procedure:

  • Are there cameras supporting the area? Describe:

Visitors Vehicle Access

  • Access Points

  • Systems and Passes issued

  • Is there an access control system in place for visitor vehicles?

  • Do visitors have to show ID?

  • Are visitors announced?

  • Are visitors required to park in certain areas?

  • Are there passes issued?

  • Describe the types of passes issued?

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