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  • They have had a formal meet and greet with one of the operations managers and also been introduced to Centre Management staff in the office?

  • Is the officer neatly presented? Eg. Clean suit, Ironed shirt, Name badge security number displayed

  • If you see a hot chip spill on the ground, what do you do?<br>(Call for a cleaner and wait there until they arrive or clean it up yourself. Do not leave it there. Other option would be to kick it to the side while you go and get a serviette to pick it up, however, make sure there's no left over residue)

  • All appropriate equipment is worn correctly?<br>Eg. Radio, ear pieces, etc..

  • Black shoes are clean and wearing black socks. <br>


  • When speaking with youth what factors should you keep in mind?<br>Provide them with additional leniency, if they are involved in minor incidents<br>Ensure their safety and well being<br>Attempt to have a third person present during all interactions<br>Where possible, keep all interactions under CCTV<br>Remove them from the immediate vicinity of violent, aggressive or offensive people<br>Do not leave detained youth alone or in the custody of any member of the public

  • Have you seen the Chadstone Emergency Lock down video?<br>Not allowed to work on site unless this video has been viewed

  • Can you run through the shopping centre?<br>(During Trade - You can NOT run through the centre as it puts others at risk)<br>(After Hours - You CAN run if it is safe to do so)

  • Is breast feeding permitted in centre?<br>(All mother's are allowed to breast feed wherever they want unless they are in a dangerous area Eg. Loading Dock)

  • You receive a question from the Media, what do you do?<br>Inform them that unfortunately you can't comment but you will get someone who can (if unavailable, take down their name, company, number & deadline)<br>Centre Manager or nominated person are the only people on site who can talk to the media

  • For Lost Person (eg. lost child or vulnerable person) what is expected from security?<br>Have someone stay with the person reporting the lost person and obtain a contact number<br>Conduct an initial search for max of 5 mins and utilise CCTV, if not located, call Centre Management, Cleaning, Concierge and Maintenance to assist with the search.

  • What are the times contractors can use Elevated Work Platforms (EWP = Scissor lifts, boom lifts, etc..) inside the centre?<br>30 mins prior and post trade is the excepted times, unless permission has been granted from a member of the operations team

  • Do all First Aid incidents require an Incident report?<br>Yes, all incidents that you attend should have an incident report, if unsure then ask a senior member of the team

  • Are you allowed to conduct a bag check?<br>You can ask them to show you what's inside their bag, however you can't touch anything or put your hand inside the bag at all.<br>They can also refuse and we can't force them to comply. The next step would be to call police

  • If the alert or evacuation tones are activated in the mall, do we make a PA announcement?<br>Yes, anytime tones are activated in the mall, we must make announcements to inform customers what is happening

  • When a fire alarm is activated, a member of the team must meet the Fire Brigade at the FIP Room located in Dock 1<br>Control Room guard will direct someone to the area where the alarm has been activated. <br>If you are sent to that location, you need to be looking for a smoke detector with a solid red light.


  • What details do you need to obtain of a victim of a public liability incident?<br>(All personal details including: full name, address, contact number, DOB, physical description, footwear and description of clothing so we can find them on CCTV)

  • What time frame does a public liability incident need to be entered on the system by?<br>(The report should be entered either immediately after the incident or by the end of your shift, unless other arrangements have been made with the Senior on shift)

  • What is the max height a courier can have a delivery trolley when in the centre?<br>It should not be above eye level of the person pushing the trolley, they need to be able to see where they are going as customers have been injured. Security should also speak to any delivery driver who has stock stacked up dangerously and ask them to stop immediately. If the load is secure but above eye level then they should be pulling the trolley, so they can see where they are going.

  • In the mornings, contractors cleaning the retailer shopfront windows must have a wet floor sign with them at all times. <br>They can't leave the shopfront unless all residue is cleaned up & dry.

  • Are retailers allowed to use ladders in the malls when working on their shop front windows during trade?<br>No, these works should be completed outside of the core trading hours


  • CODE BLACK = Personal Threat

  • CODE BLUE = Medical Emergency

  • CODE GREY = Missing Person

  • CODE ORANGE = Evacuation

  • CODE PURPLE = Bomb Threat

  • CODE RED = Fire/Smoke


  • Where are the locations of the privacy screens?

  • What equipment is on the cleaners trolleys? <br>(Emergency Vests & Caution Tape)

  • Where are the evacuation points for Site?

  • In a emergency situation, what uniform items should be worn?<br>(Emergency Vest & Warden Hat)


  • Where are the AED's located?

  • Who at Site is able to use a AED?<br>Anyone

  • If a member of the public asks to use the AED, What would you do?<br>Give it to them & assist where possible


  • When patrolling the toilets, what are you looking for?<br>Lights, hand-dryers are working, they are clear of rubbish and no foul odours

  • When patrolling, what should you be looking for?<br>Look for opportunities to assist customers who are lost or need help (stop and help at directories).<br>Talk to retailers who have items outside their lease line.<br>Identify any hazards, don’t walk past rubbish or spills (carry a cloth).<br>

  • If a customer asks you a question that you’re unsure of the answer, how would you respond?<br>Walk them to the closest concierge, call through to control room or find it with them at a directory board

  • If someone has locked their keys in their car. What would your response be?

  • A customer comes to you and informs you their car has a flat battery, can we help?<br>Yes, we have a jump start kit to assist


  • A retailer approaches you and tells you that a female just put 2 x pairs of sunglasses in her bag and she is still in the store. She asks you to come and arrest her. What do you do?<br>Tell the retailer that you can't arrest her but you can assist her with making the arrest. You can only arrest a person if you have finds committing (eg. You physically see it happen) and you should also inform her that the customer could have put the glasses back while she left the store to talk to me. You can still talk to the female and simply ask her if she has forgotten to pay for anything in her possession, etc..

  • You get called by Coles and are informed that a male wearing a black Adidas hooded jumper with a red hat has just stolen some meat and walked out of the store. While on your way to take the report, you see a male matching the description but he doesnt seem to have any goods on him. What do you do?<br>(Follow the suspect and take down as many details as possible, eg. location, any CCTV they walk past, entry/exit used, etc..)

  • Concierge call you to tell you that there's a male kneeling on a rug just outside one of the entries and he's praying. Customers keeping stopping and watching him but he's not in the way, 3 x customers have made complaints. What do you do?<br>(You should deal with the complainants and inform them that he's allowed to do it as he's not harming or disturbing anyone, he'll be finished within a few minutes and will move on so there's no need to approach. You only approach if they are causing a safety issue, eg. Blocking an entry or in a dangerous area)


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