Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Staff's Name

  • Shop

  • Checked by

  • Conducted on


  • Fully uniform with good condition

  • Hair style, accessories, shoes and pants are in accordance with company requirements

  • Nails are not long, clean and nail polish color are follows by company rules

  • No unpleasant smell

Service Mind

  • Echo: Always echo everytimes when customer enter to shops or every suitable time

  • 1st approach within 10 seconds

  • 2nd approach within 2 minutes

  • Staff can recommend frame that suitable from customer expectation ex. functional/ salesable or frame recomendation.

  • Recommend all promotions

  • Staff holding black tray or cloth while serving customer

Manner, Behavior and Posture

  • Staff manner: Have service mind, willing to help or give any advice to customer

  • Staff can represent pleasant environment in shop (Keep smiling, always move around)

  • Staff always find something to do (arranging display, tidy glasses and cleaning shelfs.

  • Good posture toward customer (Hand gesture, standing posture, smiley face and eye contact)

  • Staff has good voice tone and good communication skills when talking to customer

Summary Details

  • Good points

  • Weak points

  • Trainer

  • Staff

  • Shop Manager

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