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  • 1. Answer all the questions provided below.
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  • Boundary walls and fences in good condition with no damage visible?

  • Merchandise store outside is kept tidy and stacked safely?

  • Forecourt surface in good condition with no slip/trip hazard or damage?

  • Number of dry powder fire extinguishers ( minimum 2)

  • Date of last inspection ( within 12 months)

  • Fire buckets at least 3/4 full with dry sand and lids

  • Emergency Cut Off switch clearly labelled and accessible?

  • Tannoy system working correctly?

  • Hoses and nozzles free from wear or cracking (retractable hoses must be PULLED<br>OUT and checked)?<br><br>

  • Pump islands, kerbs and bollards in good condition?

  • All metal gratings in place, clear of debris and with securing bolts present?

  • Below ground fillpoints free from WATER / rubbish with no evidence of illegal tank<br>entry? <br>

  • Delivery manhole chamber surround free from build up of dust / muck?

  • Lifting key available (if required)?

  • Floodlights and canopy lights working?

  • Tank labels VISIBLE with text CLEARLY READABLE?

  • Tank, offset fill and vapour recovery padlocks fitted and locked?

  • Fill pipe caps chained to the fill pipe?

  • Emergency Equipment Cabinet phone working (check for dial tone)?

  • Emergency Equipment Cabinet phone working (check for dial tone)?

  • Adequate forecourt cones available?

  • All LPG cylinders are stored within a locked cage?

  • Compound tidy and free from damage, LPG checklist up to date (refer to OnSite -<br>H&S/LPG Bulk Fuel - for guidance)? <br>

  • All bins are locked?

  • Clean and tidy, with no overgrown shrubbery or weeds visible?

  • Locks working and alarmed when closed?

  • Canopy heights marked clearly on all approaches?

  • All vent pipes correctly tagged?

  • Stanchion warning sign (No Smoking / Switch off Engines, etc)?

  • Correct grade stickers on all dispensers?

Shop Floor/POS

  • Electronic door lock (shunt lock) working where fitted?

  • Digi locks / electronic lock working on doors leading to secure area / storeroom?

  • Emergency phone working (dial tone audible) and available to staff?

  • “Wet Floor” sign is available and clean?

  • Floor clear of trailing or damaged extension leads ?

  • Safety torch (Usually YELLOW or ORANGE) available and working?

  • Safety knife undamaged, available and being used?

  • Clear of boxes and other obstructions (check the door opens easily)?

  • Clearly marked with “Running Man” sign and leads to a place of safety?

  • Secured ONLY by push bar and glass bolt when site open (signage in place)?

  • Minimum one DRY POWDER, one CARBON DIOXIDE CO2. How many in total?

  • All locations marked with red “Fire Point” label?

  • All locations noted on Emergency Flip chart?

  • Fully charged with safety pin in place?

  • Note the date of last inspection DATE

  • Note the date of your last emergency drill DATE

  • Probe Thermometer available and working ?

  • Electricity cupboard free from visible damage and containing NO stored items (mops, buckets etc)?

  • Smoke Detector working (press “TEST” button to check)?

  • PPE 2 x Hi Viz tabard / jacket available (minimum) and in good order?

  • Gloves & goggles available and in good order?

  • All shelves properly secured?

  • Goods are all stacked correctly (part cases on top) with no shelves overloaded?

  • All perishable food items stored off the floor?

  • Are there steps / staircases in the secure area, leading to storerooms / offices /<br>other areas etc ?<br><br>

  • Are all steps / stairways in good condition with no defects (no loose tread, no<br>broken edges etc) ?<br><br>

  • Are all steps / stairways fitted with a secure handrail on one side ?

  • Secure area signage displayed?

  • Emergency Flipchart displayed?

  • Emergency Flip chart Section 1 (Contacts) up to date?

  • Emergency Flip chart Section 8 (Fire) up to date?

Age Restricted sales

  • No ID No Sale Refusals Register up to date and correctly signed off?

  • No ID No Sale 'Challenges Made' log up to date and correctly signed out?

  • Challenge 25 Badges worn by all staff on duty?

  • Certified copy of the Premises Licence Act 2003 - Part A retained in safe?

  • Copy of the Premises Licence Summary - Part B displayed adjacent to the alcohol<br>section?<br><br>Proprietor Address and Licensing Hours Letter displayed where possible?

  • DPS Authorisation Sheet Filed in Alcohol Manual and SIGNED BY ALL STAFF?

  • DPS name and address are THE SAME on both Premises and Personal Licence?

  • Individual staff training records up to date ?

  • Alcohol Licensing manual available and fully up to date?

  • Legal required signage displayed as per 'Age Restricted Signage' template?

  • No ID No Sale Underage Laws and Maximum Penalties Laminate (yellow sheet)?

  • No ID No Sale Valid I.D. Laminate (yellow sheet)?

Work Equipment

  • Top handrail securely attached and undamaged?

  • Steps secure, with no damaged treads?

  • Stepladders top platform secure and undamaged? locks in place

  • Rubber feet in place and in good condition?

  • Kickstool - Castors undamaged / unit moves correctly?

  • No broken / sharp edges?No broken / sharp edges?

Bake off/Hot food

  • Hand held temperature probe available?

  • Protective gauntlets, clean apron and tongs available in good condition and being<br>used?<br><br>Protective gauntlets, clean apron and tongs available in good condition and being<br>used?<br><br>Protective gauntlets, clean apron and tongs available in good condition and being<br>used?<br><br>Due Diligence, Cleaning Schedule and Rota Production Sheets Completed?

  • Probe Calibration monthly check completed?


  • Time & date correct on recording unit?

  • Recording system working correctly, images clear and sharp on payback?

  • Digital recorder back-up system in place and working correctly (VHS or hard disk)?

  • 28 days (minimum) footage to be retained?


  • All safes operational (both free standing and floor safes - are they being used,<br>combinations confidential and keys safe and secure) Note date of last combination<br>change?<br><br>

Due Diligence

  • Stock rotation sheet up to date (note date of most recent check) / SEL check?

  • Competent person and all training up to date for all employees?

  • COSHH Register signed by all team member?

  • Chiller, Freezer and Delivery Vehicle temperature checks up to date?

Wet Stock management

  • Gauges working and clear of All alarm conditions?

  • NO WATER confirmed (attach print our to checklist)?

  • Missing or inaccurate ticket issues identified and resolved?

  • Monthly wet stock check completed?

Site register

  • Register in place and up to date?

  • Site details and staff training sheet signed by all team members?

  • Vapour recovery annual/three yearly maintenance certificate present?

  • Vapour Recovery permit (LAPPC permit)?

  • Vapour Recovery fault log?

  • Competent Person register up to date and all certificates current?

  • Interceptor Cleaning certificate?

  • Electrical Test certificate?

  • Fire Extinguisher certificate?

  • DSEAR action plan / resolved items print-off available?

  • Current Petroleum Licence or Petroleum Storage Certificate?

  • Asbestos register up to date?

  • Accident book in use and up to date?

  • Car Valeting Daily Checklist up to date (attach previous month's copy)?

  • Slips & Trips daily checklist up to date (attached previous month's copy)?

First Aid

  • 1 pair disposable gloves?

  • 2 x Eye Pad?

  • 4 x Triangular Bandage?

  • 6 x Safety Pins?

  • 6 x Medium Dressings 120mm x 120mm?

  • 2 x Large Dressings 180mm x 180mm?

  • 20 x Assorted Adhesive Plasters ?

  • Blue food plasters ?

  • 2 pairs disposable paper overalls ?

  • Location of First Aid box is clearly signed and all items are available?

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