Site Entrance and boundary

  • Is there clear access?

  • Site Safety Sign?

  • Sign showing builders registration?

  • Site Access directional signs in place.

  • "Danger - Construction Site" or "No Unauthorised Access" signage is publicly visible at suitable points around the boundary.

  • Gate able to be shut, chain & lock present

  • Banner Mesh (if in use) is well secured and clean.

  • Signage and Banner Mesh free of graffiti.

  • Secondary entrances are managed as per the main entrance.

Laydown Area

  • General layout is orderly

  • No loose rubbish or accumulated piles of rubbish

  • Sea container is accessible and tidy within

  • Roads/surfaces are trafficable and presentable

  • Skip bin is being emptied on a regular basis

Site Office and Ammenities

  • Sign in area is free of rubbish and well signed

  • Access to buildings is free of obstacles and clean

  • Site office is clean, tidy, and presentable for a client

  • Visitor hardhats and vests are available and clean

  • Site Files, documentation, and reference material is filed neatly.

  • Crib room is tidy, clean, bins not overflowing, surfaces free from rubbish and food scraps

  • Notice boards / walls showing appropriate material (no pornographic material, union/religious/political propaganda, etc)

  • Toilet block is clean and stocked with soap, hand towel, etc

  • Rubbish bins not overflowing, lids fitted, emptied on a regular basis, and clean.

Work Areas

  • Access is free of clutter (as far as reasonably possible dependent on the current activities)

  • Area is reasonably free of redundant materials, rubbish, electrical leads, tools/equipment, etc

  • General access routes are diverted around high risk activities such as overhead works.

  • If operations/public access must be maintained, signage/ barricades/fences/hoarding, etc is used to prevent public access.

  • Materials/equipment etc is contained within the site boundary or is fenced off if it must be in a public access area.

Final Checks (Site Manager to answer)

  • If you were the client, would you be impressed enough to offer a compliment on the presentation?

  • Can anything, regardless of how small it is, be done to improve the presentation?

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