a) Site Safety Plan in Place

  • Hazard Board

  • Hoardings

  • Signage

  • Evacuation plan in place and assembly point identified

  • Site Induction Register available and up to date

  • Site Induction received by all workers on site

  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) endorsed and implemented

b) Site Safe

  • All site personnel are Site Safe qualified

  • Site Safe register and proof of qualification is available

c) Site Environment

  • Clear site access

  • Site clean and tidy

  • Waste containment adequate


a) PPE

  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is available and being worn

b) First Aid

  • First aid equipment available and locatable

c) Notifiable/Permitable Works

  • Has a Permit to Work issued for all Notifiable works from the appropriate authority (FMS, WORKSAFE, DASH, FIRE)

  • Scaffolding is clear of hazards

  • Excavations correctly shored and isolated

  • Appropriate restraint methods used for working at heights

  • Hot works are being performed in accordance with SOP's (PPE, Fire Extinguishers on hand, Hot Works Permit)

d) Site and Equipment

  • Materials stored in a safe and appropriate manner

  • Use of RCD's where appropriate

  • All leads currently tagged, damage free and appropriately laid

  • Any hazardous substances on site are being used and stored appropriately

  • Pass?

  • Checkers signature

  • Contractors signature

  • Notes for Guidance
    1. In order to Pass this site check the contractor will have no more than two No's in the general category and will have achieved all the standards listed under Critical.
    2. If any activity is assessed as a 'No' a comment must be made as to the specifics
    3. No's are to be rectified as soon as possible ,followed by a re-inspection and this form signed below.
    4. Site/work activities are to cease until Critical No's are rectified.
    5. On completion of the site check a copy should be kept on file and a copy given to the contractor and Facilities Manager.
    6. The Facility Manager is to ensure that results are recorded in the contractors KPI's and reports.

  • Comments (Add additional notes if necessary)

  • Post Check (No's have been rectified)

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