Combustible Materials and Sources of Ignition

  • Are there flammable substances and combustible materials and are they being controlled effectively?

  • Are all flammable substances and combustible materials stored safely i.e. in specially designed containers or stored?

  • If portable heaters are in use, are they fixed in position at a safe distance from any combustible materials and suitably guarded?

  • Are all items of electrical equipment fitted with fuses or the correct rating?

  • Do circuit breakers work?

  • Are lengths of flexible cable kept to a minimum?

  • Are cables run only where damage is unlikely or not under floor coverings or through doorways or properly protected?

  • Is the upholstery or furniture in good condition?

  • Is the workplace free of rubbish, waste paper or other materials which could catch fire or be set alight?

  • Are there suitable facilities for the disposal of smoking materials?

  • Are there suitable measures to protect against the risk of arson e.g. security?

Means of Escape

  • Are there sufficient exits for the number of people present?

  • Do exits lead to a place of safety?

  • Are all gangways and escape routes free from obstruction?

  • Are all internal fire doors clearly labelled?

  • Can all fire safety signs and fire exit notices be clearly seen?

  • Are all doors used for escape available for use?

  • Are exits clearly indicated where necessary and are all escape routes adequately lit?

  • Where appropriate, do doors used for means of escape open in the direction of travel?

  • Can doors used for means of escape be easily and immediately opened without the use of a key?

  • Are the floor surfaces on escape routes free from tripping and slipping hazards?

  • Are stairways in a good state of repair?

  • Are all vents and service ducts etc. suitably protected to prevent the spread of fire, heat or smoke?

Emergency Lighting

  • Is the emergency escape lighting, where necessary, in working order?

Fire Alarm

  • Is the fire alarm in working order?

  • Can the alarm be raised without anyone being placed at risk from fire?

  • Are the fire alarm call points clearly visible and unobstructed?

  • Is the alarm tested on a weekly basis?

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Is there sufficient firefighting equipment of the correct type?

  • Are portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc suitably located and available for use?

  • Have the portable fire extinguishers been serviced within the last year?

Signs and Signage

  • Are all fire doors correctly indicated by signs?

  • Is all firefighting equipment correctly indicated by the appropriate signage?

  • Are all escape routes correctly indicated by appropriate safety signage? i.e. green & white running man symbol?

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