Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Check to see that all items outstanding have been completed from the last visit:

Upload the last Visit Report

Outlet Appearance (External)

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Is the external appearance of the building satisfactory?

Take photos of the external of the building

Is correct signage in place?

Take photos of the external signage

Are the Post Office Boxes in good condition?

What type of Post Office Boxes are installed? (multiple choice active)

If C of A Post Office Boxes are in situ please note how many

Take Photos of the Post Office Boxes (If Applicable)

Does Street Posting Box have correct information on the box? I.e - Mail Closing Times, Dangerous Goods etc.

Take photos of the Street Posting Box (if applicable)

Clear window policy being adhered to?

Are office trading hours displayed?

Is security signage on display?

Outlet Appearance (Internal)

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?


Is the shop neat and tidy?

Is there a standard retail fitout completed at this store?

What is the condition of the Carpet in the Store?

Back of House?

Front of House?

Take photos of the Carpet if it needs to be replaced

Should this outlet be on the current fitout program?

What is the year of Fitout for this store?

Are mandatory products available for sale? (Post Pak, Prepaid and Stamps)

Are shelves stocked well with correct price ticketing?

Standard of Merchandising?

Take photos of the merchandising within the store

Are dump bins being used and are they in line with current standards?

Is there any non-conforming equipment/fixture/fitting in place that need to be removed?

Take a photo of the non-conforming item:

Agreed strategy with the Postal Manager to remove the item: (Time and Date Agreed)

Is the Latest Catalogue on display at the head of queue?

Complete Merchandising Checklist if not completed in last two months?


Mail Services





Financial Services


Bills, Banking & Travel

Brochure Bay





Recorded Media

Fire & Safety

Mobile Accessories






Floor Furniture


Wheel Chair Compliance

Spinners & Cardboard Units

Stock Storage

Glass Display cabinets/Cases including Locks & Alarms


Is follow up action required?


Is follow up action required?


Upload a copy of the latest Floor Plan for this outlet

Add media

Is follow up action required?

Quality of Service

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Customer Service

Observe customer waiting time:

Are all positions operating?

Are customer service standards being met according to NPS and Retail CX scores?

Check & discuss the 'Detractor Report' with the Postal Manager:

Discuss any major customer complaints since the last visit with the Manager (Obtain Report from NCCC prior to Visit)

Add Notes from discussion:

Mail Acceptance

Correct process for acceptance of
international parcels? i.e: Customers
Declaration and ID Verification, use of
International post guide to determine

Are staff aware of the acceptance
procedure of bulk mail lodgement and are
mailing statements being completed?

Is outlet streaming in accordance with
Regular and Priority?

It is required that the below guidelines are put in place for Category B Streaming Outlets?



Counter Delivery of Mail Articles

Are awaiting collection and delivered scans scans being
performed at the outlet correctly?

Are signature articles being correctly

Is the 5+5 rule in place and being used and are all staff aware of the process? (eg 5+5 rule for
street carded articles / 30 days for POB's
and FCC customers)

Are Startrack articles being scanned as awaiting collection via EPOS terminal (to ensure correct revenue receipt) and delivered via the handheld scanner correctly to capture the signature?

The below information relates to the correct scanning process for Startrack Articles at a EPOS site





Post Office Boxes

Is signage being utlised to display sorting of
Post Office Boxes is in progress/completed

What is the current Post Office Box Delivery Standard for this outlet?

Is this Standard being met? (Take with you the most recent POB Sort Times Report from David Rice)

Discuss why and put a plan in place to rectify:

Are there any Mail2Day customers and are correct processes being followed in NetPOS for this service

Staffing & Training

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Upload the most recent WFM Desktop Result for this office:

Discuss the most recent WFM Desktop result with the Postal Manager:

Agreed strategy for Postal Manager to align staffing results with WFM:

Note agreed strategy for Postal Manager to align staffing to workload offering:

Have all staff registered within OPSS completed thier mandatory training? (Print a copy of the OPSS Report & take with you)

Make a note of strategy to complete mandatory training:

Is there any further training opportunities identified for this outlet?

Make a note of any Training Options put forward:

Safety at the Outlet

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Are the Evacuation Procedures on display and current?

Postal Manager to arrange:

Is the current WHS Plan visible for all staff to see?

Arrange to have a copy of the latest WHS Plan provided to Postal Manager:

Is the Quality Policy Statement on display in the Shop Area?

Postal Manager to arrange:

What is the general tidiness of the outlet like?

Make Notes and Comments:
Front of House?

Back Of House?


Is Dangerous Goods Poster on display in the Shop Area?

Postal Manager to arrange:

Have relevant Material Safety Data Sheets been completed (MSDS) and are they current?

Postal Manager to arrange:

Is the Locking Up Check-List current and on display near the Exit Door?

Postal Manager to immediately arrange:

Are visitors provided with the correct induction training and signed in using the appropriate process?

Discuss the importance and have the Postal Manager arrange:

Are staff aware of the SOFPs that are in place?

Postal Manager to arrange:

Do you have regular discussions with you’re a staff on their Health and Well-being?

Do the following items form a regular part of your Agenda for local Staff Meetings?
a. Diversity & Inclusion
b. Workplace Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying

Discuss Safety with Staff/Safety Advocate/HSR:

Discussion Notes:

Additional Items

Is it intended that this section be completed as a part of this visit?

Does the Postal Manager and 2iC understand the Postpal call lodgement process?

Phone is the preferred option:
Email is the second option:
Facility Manager is your main point of contact:
Must follow-up if you do not hear back:

Discuss & make notes:

Have the IMEI Numbers for all of the phones on sale been listed down, is it up to date and retained in the safe?

Discuss & make notes:

Does the Postal Manager and 2iC know of and use the Best Practice Drive to ensure the very latest in forms are in use from a Network viewpoint?

Discuss & make notes:

Is there a local Forms Register in place and is it up to date?

Discuss & make notes:

Check OMET Report:

Note any abnormalities:

Check Attendance Book for Overtime Entries in RED


Check the Staff Noticeboard is up to date? - e.g - Our Ethics Statement - HDB Policy HCO List - EEO Policy - Diversity Statement - Violence int he Workplace - Social Media Policy

Discuss & make notes:

Site Visit Acknowlegement

Site Visit and Discussions Acknowledged

Postal Manager/2iC
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Australia Post Representative:
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Site Visit Checklist Reviewed

Additional Comments

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.