Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • WES Job/Quote #

  • Location
  • Prepared By

  • Front of House

    Inverter Test
  • Front of Inverter

  • Label of Inverter

  • Photo of MPPT1 & 2 Voltages

  • Meter/Switchboard Test
  • Meter / Switchboard Photos

Overhead /Underground Power & POA Inspection

  • Is power underground or overhead

Roof Access

  • Is Edge Protection in Place?

Roof Information

  • Building height

  • Any obvious damage to roof

  • Roof type

  • Roofing Type (other)

  • If no EP in place, please take harness selfie and anchor point

Solar Array Inspection

  • Solar Array Panel Count (total roof)

  • Solar Array Photo(s)

  • Solar Panel Label Photo

  • Are there roof top isolators

  • Is there any visible damage to any panels (hairline cracks etc)

  • Is there any excessive dirt / other hazards which may relate to poor performance

Infrared Photos

  • Add media

  • Other Roof Inspections
  • Any noticeable damage to Antenna (visually Inspect for damage/fragileness/rust)

  • Any noticeable damage to Satellite Dish (visually Inspect for damage/fragileness/rust)

Inspection Findings & Recommendations

  • undefined

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