• Solargain: Forklift Daily Inspection Checklist

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  • It is the responsibility of the operator/driver of plant equipment to ensure that this check-list is completed prior to the plant being operated. Before using the machine, please ensure that you have, in your person, your current licenses/competency to operate this machine.

  • After you complete this inspection, please email it to your Solargain manager so that it's uploaded to the relevant vehicle/truck inspection in MYOSH register. If you are a subcontractor, please ensure that you have contacted Solargain installations, operations or WHS for permission to use the machine.

  • Start Day of the week: (Usually the first Monday):

  • Inspection for the week starting on the above date:
  • Inspection Day:

  • Check load -capacity plate is fitted, legible and correct.

  • Inspect forks for any signs of damage.

  • Check tyres, belts and look for any leaks under truck.

  • chack mast and hydraulic cylinders, look for any leaks.

  • Check all fluids: oil, hydraulics, battery, fuel, coolant...

  • Gas bottle and/or batters: security, hose connections and gauge.

  • Check conditions and adjustment of seat and belt.

  • After start up, check all pedals and controls for smooth operations.

  • Check brakes and parking brake for operations.

  • Check lights, horn and reversing beeper.

  • Any other visible damage or defects?

  • Detail of any other defects or damage....

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Faults Reported:

  • Detail of any other defects or damage....

  • NOTE: Operator to TAG OUT machine as "Out of Service" if needed.

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  • Please explain what action/s were taken to return it to service:


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