1. Documents check

SSP approved by:

SSP approval date:

SSP amendments since approval:

SSP amended as per Manilla 2005 amendment?

System implementation

2. System implementation

SSP being reviewed and updated as required .

SSP protected against unauthorised access and disclosure.

Review of last internal audit reports.

Records of last 10 ports facilities visited.

Declaration of security. (DOS)

All flag "security level notifications" and "security advisories" available on board.

Current ship security level known to all on board.

Current port facility security level known to all officers on board.

SSO known to all on board.

Crew training and familiarisation

3. Crew training and familiarisation

All on board familiar with their duties in the SSP ?

All crew not involved in security duties trained as per Manila 2005 requirements ?

All crew involved in security duty trained as per Manila 2005 requirements ?

On board security training and familiarisation documented ?

On board security implementation

4. On board security implementation

Access control to the ship in accordance with the SSP ? ( including all persons and their effects)

Access control limitations with regard to "Duly authorised officers of contracting governments available on board and understood by access control personnel?

Access control within the ship in accordance with the SSP ?

Restricted areas on board in accordance with the SSP ?

Access to restricted areas controlled and restricted areas monitored as required ?

Are restricted areas marked: "no admittance", "authorised person only" or similar ?

Deck areas and beyond being monitored in accordance with the current security level ?

Stores delivery controlled and managed as required ?

Security equipment on board identified and maintenance, testing, calibration records available ?

Ship capable of operating at all security levels, including extended operation at security level 2 ?

Drills and exercises conducted and documented as required ?

Security incidents and breaches of security reported as required ?

SSAS live test conducted ?


5. Conclusion

Conclusion and additional remarks

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