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Brand image

  • Reception - excellent customer service provided

  • branch using scanner?

  • Branch presentation - branch clean and tidy - incl posters on walls

  • Staff presentation - staff presented according to current policy

  • Are the tutors desks clear of paperwork- sos/taps marking guides etc

Brand Awareness

  • Any staff member may be selected to articulate or it can be checked in a team meeting

  • Staff know Evocca vision

  • Staff know the Evocca mission

  • Staff know the Evocca values

  • Staff know the Evocca positive mindset

  • Are the tutors desk desk between 10-3??

  • Is the branch manager active on the floor between 11-1?

Operational Management

  • Health and safety - hazards , incidents and issues are being identified, addressed and resolved

  • Accounts- accounts are being processed accurately and in a timely manner

  • Human resources- HR issues are identified , addressed and resolved

  • Information Technology- branch resources are sufficient, available and working as intended

  • Customer Service - NPS results are being checked regularly and responded to promptly

  • Last NPS score? Any issues identified and how was it addressed

  • Compliance- course content and quality issues are being identified and reported to Compliance and the Resource development team if required.

  • Marketing- local in branch events occurring quarterly and Engine / marketing notified.

  • What is the local marketing activity for the quarter ?

  • Learning coaches: does the branch learning hub set up

  • Career coaches- do we have a job wall? Is it current?

Service Delivery Checklist

  • Huddles occur daily

  • Newsletter are completed monthly

  • Branch reports are completed weekly

  • Moderation occurs at least weekly - which branch?

  • Progression meetings are held weekly and documented.

Branch stats

  • Is the branch business review chart up to date?

  • Branch numbers match progression wall ( excluding rescue)

  • Expired students - any over 7 days on smart?

  • MTD progression at KPI

  • Unsigned SOS /TAPs over 24 hrs

  • Are the tutors aware of KPIs and latest branch results?

Real process improvement


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