• Are fridge cleaning records completed for all relevant activities and reviewed by contractor management in line with fridge cleaning rota?

  • Are the contractor cleaning standards for fridge cleaning and food hall areas as listed in Zone A and food storage areas i.e. stockrooms of the cleaning specification acceptable?

  • Are the contract cleaning materials, colour coding systems and chemicals in use by the cleaning contractor in all areas of the store?

  • Are they correctly labelled and held in the cleaning contractor's designated area?

  • Is the contractor's cleaning equipment left in a clean condition after use and segregated following the colour coding procedures?

  • Are the coldroom cleaning standards acceptable?

  • Has the coldroom been cleaned to the required frequency

  • Are the contractor's cleaning standards in Hospitality, Your Café, Your Lounge and Your Lounge + areas acceptable

  • Have the correct contractor's 'due diligence' cleaning records for Hospitality, Your Café, Your Lounge and Your Lounge + units been completed by contractor staff for items cleaned and are these records reviewed by contractor management in line with cleaning instructions?

  • Are mops and cloths wash through after use and where possible hung out to dry?

  • Are cleaning compounds / sluice rooms clean and tidy


  • Is the current cleaning contractor's management structure in place?

  • Are all operatives' training records completed and up to date (12 monthly renewals)

  • Are the cleaning operatives and janitorial staff in appropriate uniforms?

  • Are the cleaning team all wearing name badges


  • Is the current Health and Safety policy displayed?

  • Is the current accident form, contact and procedure displayed?

  • Is the Accident Book available / being used?

  • Are there any completed forms in the book?

  • Have all RIDDOR reportable accidents been reported correctly and on time?

  • Are all Risk Assessments on site current and have they been signed off by contractor area management

  • Have all TSL / FSC actionable findings been corrected within SLA date and retraining administered where applicable?

  • Are 'Yellow' caution signs being used correctly?

  • Have all cleaning team operatives received Fire Evacuation procedure training?

  • Name:

  • Are all chemicals held on site only those that appear on the following?<br>1. Contractor Approved Products 'To Use List'. Approved Product List 'V5'<br>2. Contractor Approved 'Problem Solvers'<br>3. Contractor Approved Products 'Occasional Use List'

  • Are all COSHH data sheets on site a) up to date? b) relevant to all chemicals used on sites?

  • Is the contractor 'Site File' available for inspection and containing all up to date, relevant paperwork?

  • Are the current janitorial 'Toilet Check Sheets' in use and correctly completed?

  • Are 'Roles and Responsibilities' specifications available in each Hospitality area?

  • Are 'Communication Books' in situ and being completed and signed of by all relevant parties daily?

  • Is all electrical equipment PA tested and showing a compliant 'date sticker'?

  • Is all electrical equipment fit for purpose?<br>Check for broken / cracked plugs and damaged cabling

  • Make:

  • Model:

  • Fault:


  • Is current Employers Liability insurance displayed

  • Is the current contract cleaning specification displayed?

  • Are all current CAP lists displayed?

  • Are there 'Colour Coding' charts on display?

  • Is there an Environmental Policy on display?

  • Are the contractors Area / Regional management contact details on display and correct?

  • Are the current A3 Due Diligence 'Sign Off' sheets displayed on site and in use?


  • Are window cleaning standards acceptable in accordance with the window cleaning specification?

  • Is Clean As You Go (CAYG) being carried out in accordance with the CAYG policy?



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