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  • Backroom Review<br>Walk the backrooms for Frozen, Packaging and Ingredients. Are they laid out correctly and ready for counting?<br>Well marshalled back areas will provide accurate counting which will prevent unnecessary overstocks.

  • Is there excessive amounts of packaging present for any single line? <br>Reducing excess stock reduces clutter and makes it simpler to count

Bakery checks

  • Scratch stores only:<br>History Button 840 / 420<br>Ask the Bakery Manager to show you the bread check weight history. The yield should be 840/420 for bread and 300 for a finished 6pk of rolls. The correct scaling weights to achieve this are: 980/480 for bread and 55 for rolls. If the average is much higher ask the Bakery Manager what they are doing to correct the scaling.<br>The scaling weights in the recipes ensures that the end product will be above the legal weight target. Additional overscaling by our bakers costs unnecessary shrinkage which from week 1 will report into the stores’ budget.

  • Production Analysis<br>Ask the Bakery Manager to show you the production analysis report. There should be commentary to show that it has been reviewed and actioned daily for lost sales, waste, over / under and not produced products. <br>Reviewing the report will identify irregularities within the order ensuring we offer the optimum range for customers whilst reducing waste.

  • Waste Routines<br>Ask the Bakery Manager to show you the waste report. All waste should be recorded daily and the waste report printed, checked and signed by a manager and filed for four full weeks.<br>Recording waste daily is key to supporting accurate production planning.

Shopfloor checks

  • Checkout PLU Screens<br>Look at the PLU screens at the self service tills. Are all products for sale visible on the checkouts, and have all discontinued lines been removed?<br>Having the wrong products available to select at the self service tills will cause stock record errors and affect the production planner as the sales information will be incorrect.<br>

  • Packaging<br>Check the shop floor – are all products for sale in the correct packaging?<br>Having products in the correct packaging will help to maintain accurate stock records and sales.<br>

Stock control checks

  • Stock Count Monitoring<br>Ask the Stock Control to show you the 533 Stock Count monitor report. Have all scheduled Bakery counts been completed?<br>To maintain accurate stock records and ensure that the system calculates orders correctly all counts must be completed and confirmed before 11pm.

  • Shrink - Stock Record Movement Review<br>Ask the Stock Control Manager to show you the mismatch report for subgroup Z61AP. There should be commentary to show that stock records have been amended where required. Is the mismatch coded and filed for four weeks?<br>This routine will maintain accurate stock records and is a key check within the Bakery Stock Integrity Audit. <br>

  • Gap Scan<br>Ask the Stock Control Manager to show you the 534 Gap Scan Detail report for Bakery. Has it been validated and signed off by a manager and filed? <br>The system will not generate a Gap order unless the Orderable TPN has been manually counted to zero.

  • Please complete to confirm these checks have been completed

  • There are 4 Measures that make up the stock integrity Audit for Bakery
    1: waste has been recorded accurately, reviewed daily and signed then kept for 4 weeks rolling
    2: Mismatch has been reviewed, actioned and signed then kept for 4 weeks rolling
    Note mismatch is only reviewed on subgroup Z61AP & Z61CD which is frozen products
    3: Gap scan must have been completed daily, reviewed and actioned for 4 weeks rolling
    4: all scheduled counts to have been completed for the last 13 weeks

    The overall result of the audit is calculated as follows:

    All routines are Green = Overall result is a Green audit.
    One routine is Red = Overall result is an Amber audit.
    Two or more routines are Red = Overall result is a Red audit.

    A 5th measure which is stock valuation from the non SBO stocktake submitted to HSC was accurate is currently suspended

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