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Survey Questions

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    After the first survey that is given at the end of the first week of returning to work, you may add questions about the type of communication and support they are receiving from their supervisors and Team Leaders.

  • 1. The site’s management team (Site Manager, Supervisors, Team Leaders) provides frequent updates to employees.

  • 2. The site’s leadership team reinforces the importance of following the new safety protocols.

  • 3. What type of information would you like to receive more of through the company communications?

  • a. General Information about our return to work (e.g. schedule, lunch breaks, facility preparedness, available resources, etc.)

  • b. Health and Safety preventative measures that were put in place at my facility (e.g. symptom screening, PPE, disinfection)

  • c. Information about my wages and benefits

  • d. General information about the state of the business

Post Survey

  • Once the results are available (usually 2 days after the survey was distributed), we recommend:

  • • The Site Manager and HR leadership meets with Union or Works Council leadership to share the results and feedback.

  • • HR sends texts and/or emails to employees to thank them for their time and feedback AND to summarize the results.

  • • Sharing top issues openly with the employees and posting survey results on a Communications Board in the site.

  • • Solving problems with key players at all employee levels to correct or improve areas of concern.

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