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  • QBCC Swimming Pool Safety Inspector - Craig McBrien 102236

  • Owners address & details
  • Inspection address :
  • Date and Time of Inspection :

  • Weather conditions :

  • Reason for inspection : Upcoming sale or compliance inspection <br>


  • QBCC SPI Licence provided to client

  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance details provided to client

  • QBCC Builders Licence provided to client


  • Is the Swimming pool / Spa registered on the QBCC data base ?

  • Does the swimming pool / property have an exemption

  • Does any part of the pool barrier form part of a dividing fence

  • Has pool owner gained approval from neighbour for access to their property

  • Is the property on canal front and is owner wishing to use water as a barrier - check during low tide line (Fig 19)

  • Are any balconies located near pool<br>

  • Are any windows located on the pool barrier


  • Is any fixed conductive material located closer than 1250mm to pool edge ?

  • If answer is YES, recommend to poo owner to engage an electrician to install of an Equipotential Bonding (AS/NZ 3000)

  • Are all fence panels in place and securely fixed to posts?

  • Is the fence barrier a minimum of 1200mm high ?

  • Is the gap beneath the fence panel a maximum of 100mm to FGL ?

  • Are climbable horizontal rails a minimum of 900mm from top of upper rail to top of bottom rail ?

  • Is there any gaps between fence uprights of more than 100mm ?

  • Is perforated metal fencing used as the barrier and if so, are holes 13mm or less ?

  • Photograph any non compliant panels.


  • Does the gate latching mechanism in good working order and lubricated ?

  • Does the gate measure a minimum of 1200mm high ?

  • Is the gate latching mechanism at least 1500mm from FGL ?

  • Does the gate open outwards away from the pool area ?

  • Does the gate self close and latch closed from three opening arcs?

  • Does the gate self latch from the resting position at the striker position ?

  • Is the gap beneath the gate to FGL a maximum of 100mm

  • Are gate hinges a minimum 900mm apart and non climable ?

  • Is there evidence that the gate has been propped open ?

  • If the latching mechanism is less than 1500mm from FGL, is there a clear shielding material fitted (Pg 33)

  • Is there shielding material secured where a 10mm gap is present between gate and striker post (Pg 33)

  • After 250N of force applied to opened gate, once force removed, does gate close under it’s on weight


  • Does the distance between underside of balcony and FGL have minimum height of 1800mm ? (Pg 43-45)

  • Take photographic evidence and provide info relating to non compliance

STRENGTH & RIGIDITY - Calibrated force guage

  • Conduct strength and rigidity to vertical uprights - 150N at max 105mm expansion

  • Conduct strength and rigidity to posts/footings - 330N of force ( No breakage or loosening)

  • Conduct strength and rigidity to mid rails - 250N any deformation or breakage

  • Does any part of the pool barrier fail the strength and rigidity test ?

  • If YES, provide evidence and details


  • Is there a clearly displayed and compliant CPR sign ?

  • Provide photographic evidence


  • Are climbable objects a minimum of 900mm from fence ?

  • Is vegetation a minimum of 900mm from fence and Non Climbable

  • Is there a clear zone of 300mm on the inside of the pool barrier ?

  • Is there an acceptable clear NCZ of 900 mm arc on outside of fence (Pg 9,10,11 & 14-25)


  • Was the inspection carried out at low tide ?

  • Is there a 900mm fence extended into waterline which is a minimum of 1800mm wide and minimum depth of 300mm (Pg 36 & 37)


  • On completion of our Swimming Pool Safety Inspection , We have found that the above regulated pool meets all criteria as per Australian Standards 1926 Part 1&2-2007, QDC MP 3.4 - “The Pool Safety Standard Queensland” and deem this pool compliant.
    In doing so, we will issue a Form 23 - Notice of Conformity and have your details entered on the QBCC pool register database.

    Should you require and further information regarding the above Inspection, please contact me on my mobile and thank you for giving Amalgamated Building Inspections QLD the opportunity to carry out your safety inspection.


    Craig McBrien
    Swimming Pool Safety Inspector
    QBCC Licence : 102236

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