• This report is to be used by the assessor to inspect the site and record any safety, health and environmental hazards. The assessor should also pick an area of further inspection (e.g. SSOW, PUWER, Emergency arrangements etc) to ensure these are compliant with regulations and in-house procedures.

  • Have items from previous inspections been closed out?

Hazard spotting

  • Observations noted that require corrective action to reduce risk of harm to persons, property, and the environmental.

  • Hazard
  • Close Out Priority

  • Recommended Close Out Time Scale

  • Hazard Definition

  • Root Causality

  • Closed out by (sign and date)


  • Observations that are not a direct hazard, but require corrective action to reduce risk negative commercial, legal, and economical impacts.

  • Non-Compliance
  • Close Out Priority

  • Recommended Close out time

  • Hazard Definition

  • Root Causality

  • Closed out by (sign & date)


  • Observation that do not require closing out as a matter of SHEQ, but should be considered to improve overall standard on site, and the delivery of projects by setting beyond compliance best practice.

  • Reason

  • Closed out by (sign & date)



Inspection Sign Off

  • Thank you for your assistance. Please review the recommended close out time frame for each item and close out accordingly.

  • Add signature

Hazard Rating

  • Please record the hazard rating using the following criteria for each occurrence:

    HIGH - Score 5
    MEDIUM - Score 3
    LOW - Score 1
    Positives - Score -1

    If items from previous inspection have not been closed out in allocated timescale immediately score additional 5 points
    This will give you a total hazard rating for the site. For overall rating subtract the positive action total from the hazard rating total.

    Score Interpretation
    0-9: Good standard on site.
    10-19: Improvements required.
    20-34: Significant Improvements required.
    35+: Significant Risk to the company.

  • Hazard Rating Total

  • Positive Actions Total

  • Overall Rating

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