Q1 Floors

Q2 Glass - Internal

Q3 Desks

Q4 Screens

Q5 Telephones

Q6 Sills & Skirtings

Q7 Stairwells


Q1 Urinals

Q2 Toilets

Q3 Cubicles

Q4 Sinks

Q5 Taps

Q6 Mirrors

Q7 Tiling

Q8 Dispensers

Q9 Floors

Q10 Bins

Q11 Feminine Hygiene

Q12 Stock Replenishment


Q1 Floors

Q2 Sinks & Taps

Q3 Worktops

Q4 Appliances

Q5 Sills & Skirtings

Q6 Bins

Q7 Fixtures & Fittings



Stairs & Walkways

Cleaners Store

Site File

Colour Coding


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