• While working at Griffith University, you may be asked to be involved in or to conduct an office inspection. The checklist walks you through things you?ll need to identify and think about. You may need to take previous office inspection checklists with you to initial and date recommendations which have been actioned . You will need to speak with staff in the area whilst completing the checklist. For assistance with completing the form contact your Human Resource Adviser or Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO).

  • Step 1: Advise Head of Element/School about the inspection so that they may inform staff in their area of the upcoming inspection."

  • Step 2: complete inspection findings in the follow sections

  • Step 4: Save copy of Audit and forward a copy to the team leader

Housekeeping , Layout and Storage

Housekeeping , Layout and Storagex

  • Is the area generally tidy and free of rubbish and debris?

  • Are walkways uncluttered and sufficiently wide?

  • Are floor surfaces clean, dry and hazard free?

  • Are any stairs in good repair?

  • Is there adequate storage?

  • Are frequently used items easily accessible?

  • Are stored chemicals signed/labelled appropriately?

  • Are MSDS?s available?

Fire and Emergency

Fire and Emergency

  • Are emergency exits clearly signed and unobstructed?

  • Are all building/floor warden names correctly displayed?

  • Are emergency procedures displayed and practised?

  • Do people know what the fire alarm sounds like?

  • Can the alarm be heard in all areas?

  • Are extinguishers clearly signed and unobstructed?

  • Are fire extinguisher tags up to date?

  • Is emergency lighting operable?

First Aid

First Aid

  • Is the areas first aid officer clearly identified?

  • Is the first aid kit clearly identified and easily accessible?

  • Are the contents of the kit appropriate for the area?

  • Are the contents of kit sufficient, clean and orderly?

  • Is there a treatment record booklet in the kit and is it used?



  • Is lighting adequate and appropriate to the task?

  • Is the area free from glare and shadows minimised?

  • Are people able to control incoming natural light?



  • Is the area free from distracting or disruptive noises?

  • Are people able to be heard without raising their voices?

  • Are screens or partitions in use?

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

  • Is the ventilation comfortable?

  • Is it too hot or too cold?

  • Can windows be opened if air conditioning not working?

  • Are airconditioning vents and intakes free from dust build up?

  • Is air conditioning maintenance being done by OFM?

  • This question only needs to be asked annually.

Office Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Office Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Is the equipment clean and tidy?

  • Is equipment in good working order?

  • Are procedures for use displayed and people trained?

  • Is common use equipment situated clear of workstations?

  • Is there adequate workspace around equipment?

  • Is the area around photocopiers ventilated?

  • Is equipment maintained appropriately?

  • Has PPE need been assessed and supplied if required?

  • Are workers trained in the correct use of PPE?

  • Is supervision provided in the correct use of PPE?

Ergonomics and Manual Handling

Ergonomics and Manual Handling

  • Have manual handling tasks been examined and managed?

  • Have repetitive tasks been examined and managed?

  • Are mechanical aids available and used when required?

  • Is there sufficient space for all tasks to be carried out?

  • Do workstations suit people?s needs?

  • Is work height and chair adjustable?

  • Is there sufficient leg room?

  • Are staff trained to setup workstations appropriately?

  • Is there a need for foot rests and are they provided?

  • Are document holders available if needed?

  • Is screen based equipment located to prevent glare, shadows?



  • Are plugs, sockets, switches, and powerboards in good order?

  • Are electrical cords in good order?

  • Do permanent electrical appliances have their own outlet?

  • Is powerboard and extension cord use kept to a minimum?

  • Is electrical equipment testing up to date and tagged?

  • Is testing on your building?s safety switch done by OFM?

  • This question only needs to be asked annually.

Aditional Comment and/or Actions

  • Insert Addition Comments here: Including actions need and taken.

  • This original completed checklist has been sent to the Head of School/Element?

  • A meeting has been arranged with Head of School/Element to discuss findings?

  • All team members have a copy of the completed checklist as a record

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