• Erith Remediation Technologies Limited
    Anchor Bay
    Manor Road
    DA8 2 AW

TCM details

  • Leigh Phillips 4THMC - WAMITAB - Managing Treatment Hazardous Waste - Certificate No. 07914 TSS4 - WAMITAB - Managing Transfer Operations, Clinical, Special & Hazardous Wastes - Certificate No. 3100 Continuing Competence Award - CCC13012 Expires 28/04/2018

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  • Time arrived on site:

  • Time left site:

  • Total time on site:

Weather Conditions

  • What are the weather conditions?

  • What is the wind direction?

  • What is the wind-speed?

  • What is the permitted area ground conditions like?

Checks carried out (observations as per time of inspection)

  • Is the permitted area compound secure and gates found locked?

  • Is the permitted area surface in good order with no damage?

  • Is material being stored in compliance with the permit?

  • Is there any damage to the compound structures or segregation techniques?

  • Is signage in place?

  • Is the signage relevant to the permitted operation?

  • Is there any plant parked or operating in the permitted area?

  • Is there any sign of leakage or any other emissions from the plant?

  • Is there fire fighting equipment deployed in or near the permitted area?

  • Is there adequate spill kits deployed in or near the permitted area?

  • Is there any sign of water run-off leaving the planned system?

  • Is there any odours present both on and off site?

  • Is drainage running free with no evidence of blockage?

  • Are Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste notes for in-coming and out-going wastes compliant?
    (Make a note of the documents checked)

  • Is there any evidence of littering or escape of waste outside the permitted area?

  • Is there any evidence of material escaping to the River Thames?

  • Is there any evidence of flooding from the River Thames?

  • Are there any operations on or off site that are unusual and adjacent to the permitted area?

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  • *** Please note - This inspection is for internal use only. Permission must be sought prior to external release. ***

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