• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Lease start date

  • Moving in date

Prior to tenant arriving

  • Tenant arrival date received?

  • Confirm moving in date and time (after hours)

  • Lift protection while moving office

  • Removalist insurance, contractor induction, safe work method statement, access request form are provided to management ?


  • E&PM & Systemax advised via email?

  • Meter labelling updated

  • Select date

Locks / access cards

  • Keys given out ?

  • Select date

  • Locks keyed to Abloy system

  • Access cards needed for new tenant

  • How many?

  • Charged to ?

  • Select date

  • Old tenancy Access cards cancelled

  • Select date

  • Security and cleaners card or keys have been updated?

  • Select date


  • Floor signage installed

  • Charged to ?

  • Lift screens updated by fm or concierge

  • Select date

  • Directory board signage updated

  • Charged to ?

  • Select date

Tenant contact list

  • Tenant contact list received

  • Tenant after hours contact list received

Bank guarantee/security deposit

  • Received

  • Select date

  • Bank guarantee/ security deposit schedule updated


  • Remove lease from title

  • Lease terminated (if required )

Lease administration

  • Tenant information guide given to tenant

  • Public liability received and updated

  • Website updated

  • Warren list updated and given to building FSA

  • All new tenant contacts list has been updated

  • Tenant received the pulsetech login and password

  • Select date

  • Stack plan updated

  • Update locker allocation

Car bays

  • Carpark operator advised and / or internal schedule updated

  • Car park access given

Telco /rooftop

  • Removed and penetrations made good

  • Fibre optics connections made good at mdf


  • Access to after hours given and / or removed

  • Supplementary units list need to be supplied to fm team if any

  • Floor plans to be given out to systemax to update floor or remove from Bms.

  • Labelling to be done


  • Tenancy cleaning setup

  • Tenancy cleaning NLA updated - spreadsheet

  • Tenancy extras?

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