General Store Information

Survey Information

  • One arrival at the store ensure you sign in & out of the visitors book. Once signed n ask to speak to Store or Duty Manager informing them you are attending site to complete a survey in relation the the new Mobile Totem which is to be installed along with a small hand scanner cradle to the re-scan bench and power source identified.

General Store Information

  • Store Name:

  • Store Number:

  • Store Address and Postcode
  • Store Telephone Number:

  • Store Managers Name:

  • Store Managers email address:

  • Store SAYS Champions Name:

  • Store Champions contact Number:

  • Store Trading Hours:

  • Mon-Fri

  • Sat

  • Sun

  • Does the store have a night shift ?

  • Night Managers Names & contact Number:

  • Detail time store is vacated:

  • Contractors signing in point:

  • ANPR Car Park System

Delivery Of Hardware

  • Any Delivery Restrictions ?

  • Specify Details

  • Any Parking Restrictions ?

  • Specify Details

  • Any Noise Restrictions ?

  • Specify Details

Existing SAYS / SSC / Re-Scan Bench

Detail Existing SAYS Payment Lanes:

  • NCR version type

  • Quantity

  • Photo of SAYS Area:

Detail Existing SSC Payment Lanes:

  • NCR version type:

  • Quantity

  • Photo of SSC Area:

Detail Existing Re-Scan Bench:

  • Is the Re-Scan Bench a 2 Door or 3 Door

  • Photo of Re-Scan Bench:

  • Is there a Weigh Scale installed on the Re-Scan Bench ?

  • Photo of Scale:

  • Is there Power Sockets Installed on the Re-Scan Bench i.e behind scale ?

  • Is there an available socket on the Re-Scan Bench ?

  • Detail where is the closest power point to spur into ?

  • Photo's

  • Photo of available sockets:

  • Where are the PSU's for the cradles installed on the Re-Scan Bench or bottom of Scanner Wall ?

  • Photo of PSU location

  • Is there space on the Re-Scan Bench for a 3 Slot hand Scanner cradle to be installed (Ideal location centre & rear of the desk top) ?

  • Detail ideal route for the power to be fed to the socket inside the Re-Scan Bench:

  • Photo's of cradle location and power cable route:

Mobile Totem Infomation

  • Is a drawing available for the mobile totem ?

  • Photo of mobile totem location:

  • Are there obstructions that would hinder the totem installation ?

  • Detail obstruction / clashes:

  • Photo of obstruction:

  • Surveyors signature on completion

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