Interview Start

Personal Details

  • Gender

  • Are you an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident?

  • If no please list visa type.

  • Does the applicant speak and understand English?


  • General hygiene of acceptable level (i.e bathed and deodorized)?

  • Hair neat and groomed?

  • Clean shaven or facial hair (if any) of neat appearance?

  • Comments


  • Does the applicant have a basic understanding of safety?

  • Does the applicant have a Food Handling Certificate or equivalent?

  • Do they have a current Food Safety Supervisor Certificate?

  • Comments

Work History and Experience

  • Are they currently employed?

  • If currently employed, who with, doing what, for how long, on what basis and hours normally per week?

  • Why do you want to leave?

  • Comments

  • Do they have any supervision or management training?

  • Rate the applicants food safety knowledge?

  • How long have you worked in the food production industry?

  • Does the applicate have food preparation experience?

  • Rate the applicants previous experience .

  • Comments

Kitchen Equipment

  • What tools/ equipment has the applicant used in a commercial kitchen?

Work/Life Balance

What are they looking for ?

  • How many hours can you work per week?

  • What type of position are they looking for?

  • Comment

  • What days can you work?

  • Advised the applicant that we pay the Award rates of pay?

  • If salary position what salary expectations does the applicant have?

  • How many days can you work?

  • Why do you want to work for Harris Farm Markets?

  • Do you have any constraints on your work availability such as childcare or family or sporting commitments?

  • Will this prevent the applicant from working effectively or be flexible?

  • Do you have any commitment which will take you away from the business for any length of time in the next 12 months?

  • Will this create any issues in the operation?

  • How long do you see yourself doing this position?

  • Are they interested in working at our store?

Applicant Questions

  • Do you have any questions regarding the position?

  • Comments

Final Question

  • Do you need to give notice?

  • How long?

  • Overall quality of the applicant?

  • Comments

OH&S Requirements

  • Safety boots and Hi Vis jacket/ vest required for the position

  • Does the applicant have a folk lift license?

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