Job Site Information

  • Job number?

  • Who is the Foreman on the job?

  • Has the Daily Huddle been done?

  • Was the Daily Huddle signed by everyone on the job?

  • Has the Foreman completed the (JSA) prior to starting the job?

  • JSA MUST BE DONE FOR EACH JOB! However, if the job description has not changed, and if no new crew member comes on the job, you can use the JSA until the job is complete. Every crew member working on the job has to sign the JSA. A new JSA must be done when the job description changes.

Required Documentation

  • Compliant vehicle registrations?

  • Compliant vehicle insurance cards?

  • Compliant DOT state inspections?

  • Compliant Altec inspections?

  • Are all flaggers certifications current?

  • Pre-trip inspection book visible and easily accessible?

Safety on the Job

  • Is everyone wearing proper PPE?

  • Are lane closures set up properly with signs, cones, etc?

  • What is the speed limit for this work zone?

  • Is the job site barricaded properly?

  • Has the equipment been inspected prior to using it?

  • Is everyone operating the equipment trained?

  • Is the bucket operator wearing an approved, fitted harness?

  • Is the bucket operator working over an open lane? If so, describe the scene and work being done

  • Is the operator using a securely mounted tool bin?

  • Are employees climbing up and down trucks properly?

  • Are employees avoiding from working directly below employee in bucket?

  • Are employees being cautious of their surroundings?

  • Is all equipment set to the side properly when not being used? Shovel and rake blades must be laid down on the ground facing down.

  • Are wet cutting methods being used?

  • Are trucks entering traffic safely?

  • Are there short cuts being taken to complete the job?

  • Is potable water available?

  • Proper housekeeping on site?

Excavation and Trenching

  • Have pictures been taken prior to digging?

  • Has the area been marked for locates?

  • If need to dig within 36 inches of locate, has daylighting or potholing excavation occurred?

  • If needed, is there a barricade provided to help pedestrians avoid falling?

Temporary Power

  • Are drop cords rated for hard/extra hard usage?

  • Have cords been inspected before use?

  • GFCI protection?

  • Are generators being used correctly?

Energized Work

  • Hot work permit acquired?

  • Task-specific and proper PPE?

  • If insulated blanket needs to be used, is it being used properly?

  • Fiberglass fish tape available and being used?

  • Are barricades established around live parts or equipment?

Line Trucks and Bucket Trucks

  • Has the driver completed a pre-trip inspection on truck and trailer?

  • Controls working properly?

  • Are ropes, cables and hooks in good condition?

  • Is the vehicle free of leaking fluids?

  • Operating instructions and warnings are clear and legible?

  • Are there enough outrigger pads?

  • Are proper pads under outriggers?

  • Are there at least 2 chocks on the line trucks and bucket trucks?

  • Is everything safely loaded so nothing exits the trucks during transport?

  • Highway Safety Triangles available?

  • First Aid kit available?

  • Fire Extinguisher available?

Exterior Body and Glass of Trucks

  • Windshields free of damage?

  • Windshields have functioning wiper blades?

  • Driver side mirrors adjustable and free of damage?

  • Driver side windows free of cracks and chips?

  • Passenger side windows free of cracks and chips?

  • Passenger side mirrors adjustable and free of damage?

  • License plate in correct position, clean and free of damage?

Exterior Lighting of Trucks

  • High and Low Beams operational?

  • Left and Right Front Indicators operational?

  • Left and Right Rear Turn Indicators operational?

  • Left and Right Tail Lights operational?

  • Strobe Lights and all Warning Lights operational?

  • Left and Right Brake Lights operational?

  • Rear Reverse Lights operational?

  • Audible Reverse Alarm operational?

  • License Plate Lights operational?

  • Clearance and Reflectors operational?

Tires of Trucks

  • Front driver tire in good repair with no visible signs of wear or cracking in sidewall?

  • Front passenger tire in good repair with no visible signs of wear or cracking in sidewall?

  • Rear driver tire in good repair with no visible signs of wear or cracking in sidewall?

  • Rear passenger tire in good repair with no visible signs of wear or cracking in sidewall?

  • Are wheels chocked properly?

Interior of Trucks

  • Driver Seat Belt operational?

  • Passenger Seat Belt operational?

  • Horn functioning appropriately?

  • Interior Compartment Lights operational?

  • Dashboard Lights operational?

  • Gauges operating and showing within appropriate ranges?

  • Interior is clean and free of loose objects?

Trailer Inspection

  • Are the rails, floor, tailgate hitch, safety chains and tires in good condition?

  • Is everything safely loaded so nothing exits trailer during transport?

  • Are all tie-down straps, chains, ratchets and load binders in good condition and functioning properly?

  • Do trailers carrying poles have a flag at the end? Do poles being transported after dark or in poor visibility conditions have a flashing light with flags?

Who Was Notified of the Findings on this Audit?


Supervisor - Mike Sauls

Supervisor of Safety - Jamie Bragg

VP of Safety Department - Larry Richardson

Issues/Additional Comments

My recommendation or plan of action to address and resolve any issue(s):

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