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  • Trampoline Park Daily Check Sheet

General Checks - Sign off (Confirmed by the Individual who did the checks)


  • All lights work?

  • Is Room Temperature suitable?

Visual and Safety

  • All Signage is present and visible.

  • All Signage is clean, undamaged, and correctly mounted.

  • Nothing is stuck to walls or equipments.


  • Are Fire Exits accessible?

  • Fire Safety Equipment (Used by Zone) is Present and accessible?

  • First aid box Clearly mounted on the wall?


  • Water Dispenser is Full, and stocked up.

General Layout

  • Safety Wooden Barrier are functional and Closed.

  • Basketball Loop is Clear and safely attached to the wall.

  • Participants Equipment boxes are empty and presentable.

  • Refreshing wipes are stocked enough for the day.

  • Cleaning requirements have been reported to the cleaners point of contact.

Equipment Checks - Sign Off (Confirmed by the individual who did the checks)

Safety Net

  • Safety Net is clear of damage.

  • Safety Net Zip is fully functional and closed.

  • Safety Net is connected to all connections.

  • Safety Net is tight up to Trampolines, frames and paddings.

  • Safety Net connections are tight and on gravity load.

  • Safety Net connections are safety connected to into walls.


  • Padding is securely fastened.

  • Padding is clear of external damage.

  • Padding sits correctly in placed.

  • Padding internal Foam sits in place.


  • Check the feel of the springs from above for abnormal behavior.

  • Report any changes to the visual log sheet and address concerns.

  • All Springs are connected to fabric.


  • Trampoline Fabrics are free of rips and tears.

  • Trampoline fabrics are clear of heavily worn areas.

  • Report all damage to the visual log sheet and address concern.


  • Frames are fully checked for noises.

  • Report unnecessary noise to the visual log sheet and address concerns.


  • Trampolines are clear of any hazards.

  • Trampolines are clean and clear of any dirt and dust.

  • Activity Leader

  • Activity Specialist

  • All checks must be ticked and signed by the trained instructor who carried out that specific check. A zone specifically trained Team Leader, or if not present, a Zone Specifically trained Duty Manager must sign off the sheet as a whole, and the Team Leader specific checks also. If any of the following fail, and the risk from this is not managed/ controlled, or deemed acceptable risk, the site is not suitable for opening. All issues must be reported to the Duty Manager. Site Layout sheets are available for visual diagrams of area specific issues. All daily checks must be completed before opening.

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