• General impression of the workplace.

  • Only the necessary items to perform the work at hand are located in the area. There are no unneeded machines, tools, or furniture in the area.

  • All tools and fixtures, jigs in the area are used on a regular basis. Any items used less than once a day are stored out of the way

  • No outdated, torn or soiled announcements are displayed. All key performance indicators are relevant.

  • Only the current level on inventory for the area is stored for the work at hand. Scrap and rework items are clearly marked.

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  • Machines, benches, etc. are arranged in a logical and neat fashion to promote a smooth product flow through the work area

  • Lines on the floors are clearly marked for aisles, walkways, work areas, storage locations and danger areas

  • Only current documents and items required to do the job are stored at workstations and in a neat manner

  • Items are arranged and clearly labelled such that is obvious where things are stored.

  • Tools gauges and fixtures are arranged neatly and stored, kept clean and free from risk of damage.

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  • All floors are clean and free from debris, oil, and dirt. Cleaning floors is done routinely and at appropriate predetermined intervals

  • Routine cleaning of machines is apparent, there is no oil, chips, scrap laying on work surfaces. Windows, guards, and detectors are clean and in place.

  • All cleaning equipment is stored in a neat manner, it is obvious where it belongs and is available when it is needed. All hazardous materials are stored correctly.

  • All equipment benches, fans and everything in the area is cleaned on a regular basis and ownership by operators goes beyond the machines they run

  • When unexpected delays occur operators habitually and automatically clean floors and wipe equipment.



  • Display boards are present in all production areas and accessible and understood by all personnel in the area

  • 5S audits are performed in each work area at least once a month and results are shared with all workers and goals set and agreed.

  • PPE notices are posted in every area and all employees are wearing the required PPE and uniform

  • It is obvious that workers that perform similar duties use standard methods to achieve consistent results.

  • Methods are reviewed on a regular basis and as new methods are developed they are quickly documented and adopted by others.



  • Employees are adequately deployed to keep equipment operating properly. A preventative maintenance program is in place and functions at a high level

  • Each area of the operation inside and out falls under the responsibility of a manager with 5s auditing and assignment authority.

  • All documents and information is clearly labelled as to their contents. Responsibility for control and revision is clear. Nothing is unlabelled.

  • Responsible manager visits each area on a regular basis and gives feedback on 5s efforts and results

  • Disciplined controls to assure each of the above items is maintained at the highest level. There is a sense of responsibility by all employees to maintain systems.

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