Bon Accord & St Nicholas

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  • Is the area/property we'll presented and free from obvious defects?

  • By way of visual inspection are there any obvious leaks from roofs or guttering?

  • Are there any obvious slip, trip and fall hazards internally or externally?

  • Is there any evidence of fly-tipping or intruders?

  • Is landscaping reasonably tendered and presented?

  • Is there any evidence of pest infestation?


  • Are all designated fire doors closed?

  • Is there a fire control panel in place and is this interfaced with the main panel for the property?

  • Are fire doors and escape routed clear of obstructions?

  • Is letterbox taped closed and cannot be opened?

  • Has all combustable waste/materials been removed from the property?

  • If asbestos is present, is it free from damage and where necessary a management plan in place?


  • Are there any signs of vandalism /forced entry? (including broken glass)

  • Are all non essential pieces of plant locked off and isolated?

  • Are all key doors in a good state of repair, secure and where necessary locked?

  • Is the intruder alarm operating and in good working order?

  • Is access to hazardous areas such as roofs, basements or plant rooms fully restricted?

  • New


  • Are all energy and water services isolated?

  • Are utility meter readings being recorded and uploaded onto Dashboard?

  • Are fire extinguishers in place, accessible and not discharged?

  • No electrical hazards, e.g. Exposed live terminals?

  • Photo of electricity meter showing current reading.

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