Title Page

  • Operator

  • Rig name and Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Asset Number. Provide Photo

  • Inspect Frame for cracks and broken Welds. Provide Photos

  • Inspect cabinet for dents, bent door, rust and open holes. Provide Photos

  • Does HMI have Window kit (door) Provide Photos

  • Visually inspect all receptacles. Provide Photos

  • Visually Inspect Power cable. Provide Photos

  • Visually Inspect all Cable glands. Provide Photos

  • Visually Inspect Door Latches. Provide Photos


  • LOTO VFD Panel if required. Provide Photos

  • Is VFD Grounded. Provide Photos

  • Open Door and Inspect inside door latch. Provide Photos

  • Inspect Piano Door Hinges.

  • Inspect door seal. Provide Photos

  • Inspect All Receptacles from inside panel, look for hot spots in wire and condition of plastic insert. Provide Photos

  • Remove 200amp.100amp, 60amp and 30amp plug from receptacle, inspect sleave, prongs and gasket. Provide Photos

  • Disassemble plugs from centrifuge and pump, inspect wire connection to prong. Provide Photos

  • Visually inspect wires for burnt marks and lose terminals. Provide Photos of inside Panel

  • Visually Inspect Communication cable

  • Above steps complete, close panel door and Remove LOTO

Function Test

  • Plug in Centrifuge, Pump and communication cable.

  • Power up Panel

  • Function Test Back drive, Main Drive and Pump Drive If applicable. Provide Photos

  • Function Test E Stop.

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