Title Page

  • Operator

  • Rig Name and Number

  • Pump Type

  • Asset Number. Provide Photo

  • Conducted on

  • Location

Service Sheet

  • Is Pump Clean? Provide Photos

  • Check for leaks around pump. Provide Photos

  • Check for loose bolts on pump housing.

  • 4. Drain pump ensuring contents are drained and disposed of correctly, i.e. invert.

  • 5. Inspect volute, pump frame and condition of wear plate, condition of O ring seals and proper adjustment.

  • 6. If signs of damage or wear please report this to the supervisor along with pictures.

  • Provide Photos

  • 7. Inspect RA for proper oil level,pulley alignment, oil leaks, and check for signs of mechanical seal failure.

  • Pictures

  • 9. Inspect fittings (sight glasses, breather ports, cams, drain valve, etc.)

  • 10. Inspect motor, power cord condition and length, plug condition including prongs, the junction box is tight and sealed, and cord end in good condition

  • 11. Replace oil if Oil is milky or burnt or fill with oil until half full if low.

  • 12. Inspect belts for wear, proper tension and alignment along with motor plate for movement and reinstall belt guard.

  • Pictures

  • 13. After inspection is complete, reassemble pump including ensuring wear plate and all components and guards has been verified properly installed or mounted.

  • Pictures hoses and lines

  • 16. Turn pump on at a low RPM to check for proper rotation. If rotation is backwards, change rotation. If proper rotation is achieved, work pump up to working RPM and check for proper function. Provide Video of pump being tested.

Final inspection

Notification of completion of service

  • Complete all necessary paperwork

  • Notify Supervisor

  • Sign Name

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