Parking Lot/Dock Area

  • Are dock doors down if no trailer present?

  • If trailer present, is glad hand and chock in place?

  • Are propane tanks present outside and if so are they in proper storage container?

  • Is parking lot clean and free from debris on the ground?

  • Are there designated smoking areas away from the main entrances?

Entrance to facility

  • Are visible walkways present at entrance to facility?

  • Is there anything that speaks "Safety" as you walk into the facility?

  • Is there a visitor log present at the entrance to the facility?

  • Are you greeted by anyone to help you navigate the area?

  • Are PPE requirements posted in the area to allow you to know what is required in the facility either just outside the door or just inside the door?

Dock operations

  • Are dock logs filled out properly on the doors that are in use?

  • Are operators on the forklifts in area wearing PPE and Safety Belts?

  • Can operators provide pre-use inspection proof that forklift was inspected prior to use?

  • Are glad hand lock procedures being followed by those loading/unloading trucks?

  • Is dock office area organized and free from clutter?

  • Are dock doors marked in such a way to ensure door is raised properly before entry to trailer?

  • Are pedestrians present in loading/unloading area with forklift operations?

  • Do semi truck drivers have a defined waiting area to help keep them from roaming the warehouse?

  • Are all in area wearing proper PPE?

General warehouse operations

  • Are forklift operators following safe lifting/lowering practices of not being in motion while lifting/lowering?

  • Are there defined drive isles in the warehouse?

  • Are people cutting through rows to get to their destination and not properly using the drive isles?

  • Are fire extinguishers up to date and signed off for the month?

  • Are riser inspections up to date for the year?

  • If inspectors are in warehouse are they all wearing the proper PPE?

  • Are all stacks of material nested properly?

  • Are rows of material straight in their designated area?

Break/Common areas

  • Are OSHA posters posted in conspicuous area?

  • If between Feb 1 - April 30 are OSHA 300 logs for facility posted in conspicuous area?

  • Are number of toilets sufficient for number of team members working? 1-15=1, 16-35=2, 36-55=3, 56-80=4, 81-110=5, 111-150=6, 1 additional for every 40 employees over 150.

  • Are first aid station(s) filled with proper contents and adequate for facility operation?

  • Is eye wash station available if required in facility?

  • Are facility team members up to date on Pure Safety training requirements?

  • General Observations of Facility

  • Site Representative Signature

  • Auditor Signature

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