• Document No.

  • Station

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Name of outsource who cleaned vehicle


  • Photograph of Vehicle being inspected

  • MVA Number

  • Mileage of the vehicle

  • Does Mileage of the vehicle match VCR ?<br>


  • All dust caps removed?

  • Tyre pressure (variance + / - 3 PSI) F R

  • Tyre pressure (variance + / - 3 PSI) F L

  • Tyre pressure (variance + / - 3 PSI) R L

  • Tyre pressure (variance + / - 3 PSI) R R

  • Actual tyre pressure matches VCR

  • Tyre tread minimum 2mm

  • Side wall of the tyre damage free

  • Spare wheel present

  • Puncture repair tools available / locking wheel wheel nut / jack/ canister compressor present ?

GENERAL VEHICLE CHECK (Take photos of any noted damage)


  • Exterior Vehicle is clean and free from grime

  • All damage identified documented on VCR

  • All damage is identified does it match VCR?

  • All windows & mirrors clean - No spotting and streaking clean.

  • Information stickers (Diesel, No Smoking, MVA Bar code front and back)

  • V C R underneath boot mat match VCR in vehicle envelope

  • Tax disc present and in date?


  • Door trim clean no residue of dirty water

  • All Head rest reset to same height

  • Glove box free from debris?<br>

  • Door compartments free from debris and clean

  • Back seat pockets free from rubbish

  • Documentation- Ket Tag, POS, Service handbook available in car.

  • Function equipment working, radio volume down?

  • Mileage reset 0

Service check

  • Screen wash full

  • Oil dip stick more than 1/2 way

  • Full fuel tank

  • All lights working

  • Service due ( due / over due)

  • Ready line parked, not in gear adequate access to boot?

  • Should vehicle be removed from ready line?

  • Notes:


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