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  • Job Number

  • Client and Site Address

  • Company

  • Client Contact Number

  • Delivery driver

  • Delivery Address (If different to site address)

  • Conducted on

    Meter details
  • Meter Type

  • Meter Serial Number

  • Meter Reading Number

  • Meter Size

  • Large Meter Box Delivered?

  • Large Meter Box Riser Delivered?

  • Meter Size

  • Concrete Valve Box Delivered?

  • Quantity

  • Wing Meters

  • Wing Meter One Size

  • Meter One Serial Number

  • Meter One Reading Number

  • Wing Meter Two Size

  • Meter Two Serial Number

  • Meter Two Reading Number

  • Separate photos of delivered meter, meter box and/or valve boxes

  • Delivered by
  • Driver details

  • Select date

  • Received by
  • By signing, you acknowledge all goods listed in this document have been received in good order and condition.

  • Select date

  • NOTE for Magflow meters; Concrete anchor for meter assembly must be set/dry before charging as under denso wrap there is a dismantling joint (Similar to a gibault) which will move/leak if not properly anchored before pressurisation.
    Magflow in-ground meters are not to be placed in driveways, car parks, or other concreted areas. Magflow meter boxes and M17/M19 meter vertical pipe work can not be set in concrete.

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