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The Crane / Setup

Crane set up clear of adjacent hazards such as trenches, services and power lines or other structures

Crane cabin windows and mirrors are clean and unobstructed

Outriggers fully extended, locked and appropriately packed on solid ground

Interaction risks are controlled (e.g. spotters / barricades/traffic controllers)

There is a clear and uninterrupted communication method between the crew and the operator


Slings show no signs of damage and have current colour tags

The load is confirmed as secure prior to the lift

The Crane / Plant

The hoist rope hangs vertically over the load before it is hoisted

The load is stable (i.e. does not swing) as the lift is initially taken

Riggers/Dogmen are clear of the "fall shadowā€¯, are not between the load and an object and always have an escape path

If taglines are used, they are retrieved using a crook

All personnel are clear of the drop zone

Pick and Carry

The crane moves slowly with the load close to the ground while travelling

The crane does not travel across a slope with the load

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