The version control will be maintained by the SHEQ team and is controlled via the Safety Equipment Inspections Document 2073838157-15.
Safety checking of harnesses in accordance with AS 1891.1

Check manufactured date and record details with photo of label

Check Identification label and standard logo for legibility, record serial number

Checking Webbing on Harness

Any visible heat damage

Any visible cuts

Any visible tears

Any visible abrasions

Any visible damage from corrosives or solvents

Any visible hardening of the webbing

Any visible excessive stretching

Any visible glazing due to friction wear

Any visible discolouration due to chemical contaminates or prolonged ultraviolet exposure

Any visible wear or fuzziness

Deterioration due to rotting or mildew

Check all Buckles and D rings

Any visible signs of Deformation

Any visible signs of Distortion

Any visible signs of Corrosion

Any visible wear indications and correct orientation

Check for evidence of a fall

Check for evidence of a fall imperfections


Check for other evidence for possible causes of damage

Note Positive Observations: is the equipment in good condition


Note Observations to be rectified by WHEN and WHO !

Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings
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