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Location of Sewer Pot

Draw a Sketch of Property and House Service Line in relation with House
Or Open Relevant property in Google Maps and download screenshot. Draw House Service Line on downloaded photo.
Take Multiple Photos of Property Before Testing
Visual Inspection
V1 General Observation

V1.1 Is stormwater drainage pipe system available in the street?

V1.2 Is there any stormwater outlet to street?

V1.3 Is there any stormwater pump used in Property?

V1.4 If not connected to stormwater system, stormwater discharges to "Soakage Pit"

V1.5 If not connected to stormwater system, stormwater discharges by "overland discharge"?

V1.6 Is property level lower than street level?

V1.7 Sewer service diagram appears to reflect the current arrangement

V1.8 Trees located in vicinity of House Service Line (HSL)

V1.9 Property likely to be impacted by local flooding

V1.10 Stormwater drainage to the street identified

V1.11 Is there a swimming pool

V1.12 Is the swimming pool connected to Wastewater system?

V1.13 Is there a rain water tank

V1.14 Approximate age of house

V1.15 House Service Line (HSL) material

V2 Down Pipe

V2.1 Downpipe empties over gully

V2.2 Downpipe from shed entering gully

V2.3 Downpipe running into canal, then enters the gully

V2.4 Downpipe drains onto path and runoff enters Gully

V3 Overflow Relief Gully (ORG)

V3.1 Low gully, broken surrounds

V3.2 Low gully next to vent pipe

V3.3 Old cracked low gully

V3.4 Low gully near vent pipe on driveway

V3.5 Local flooding (less than 150 mm of the declared flood level)

V3.6 Is the rain water tank overflow pipe connected to gully

V4 Boundary Trap

V4.1 Boundary trap in the property

V4.3 Boundary trap cover broken & acting as drain

V4.2 Boundary trap location

V4.4 Broken collar on boundary trap acting as drain

V4.5 Low boundary trap or damaged

V5 Inspection Opening (I/O)

V5.1 I/O visible

V5.2 Location of I/O likely to result in damage to HSL

V5.3 I/O Low & flush with ground

V5.4 Broken I/O acting as area drain

V6 Outdoor Plumbing

V6.1 Vent pipe broken at base

V6.2 Broken / open pipework, allowing water to enter

V6.3 Vent pipe cut off, acting as area drain

V6.4 Vent pipe rusted through at the base, water drains through

V7 House Service Line (HSL)

V7.1 Broken pipe exposed to surface, near gully

V7.2 Large hole in pipe next to footpath

V7.3 Hole in ground near boundary trap

V7.4 Open pipe visible through ground next to path

V8 Other Observations

V8.1 Comments (Other Observations)

Take Photo/s Of Other Observations, If Required
Test Results
T1 Dye Testing

T1.1 Downpipe connected to sewer

T1.2 Downpipe from shed connected to sewer

T1.3 Stormwater gullies/pits connected to sewer

T1.4 Property drains connected to sewer

T2 Smoke Test

T2.1 Has any smoke been witnessed escaping

T2.2 Downpipe connected to sewer

T2.3 Downpipe from shed connected to sewer

T2.4 Stormwater gullies/pits connected to sewer

T2.5 Property drains connected to sewer

T2.6 Broken HSL

T3 Other Test/s

T3.1 Comment (Other Test/s & Results)

Take Photo/s Of Other Test/s Results, If Required
Recommended Defect Repair List

Is there any Rectification To Do? (If ‘No’ don’t fill out rest of this section)

D1 Overflow Relief Gully (ORG)

D1.1 Raise ORG

D1.2 Repair ORG

D1.3 Cap ORG

D1.4 Construct concrete ring around ORG

D1.5 Re-grade surrounding surface

D1.6 Install one way flap valve

D1.7 Seal ORG & construct pump/pot

D2 Inspection Opening (I/O)

D2.1 Repair I/O defect

D2.2 Repair surface section of I/O

D2.3 Repair of HSL at I/O

D3 Irregular Stormwater Connection

D3.1 Disconnect irregular stormwater connection only

D3.2 Extend disconnected pipe to the stormwater main

D3.3 Construct property drain and discharge to street

D3.4 Construct extension of stormwater to street with detention tank and pump

D3.5 Install rainwater tank

D3.6 Construct stormwater line through properties to stormwater main

D3.7 No viable solution

D4 House Service Line (HSL)

D4.1 Repair/relining of HSL

D4.2 Dig and replace (Metres)

D5 Other Defect/s Rectification or Restoration

D5.1 Comment (Other Defect/s Rectification or Restoration)

Take Photo/s Of Other Defect/s Rectification or Restoration, If Required
Signature (Subcontractor Representative)
Signature (Ventia Representative)