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Access Hatches Floor Plan
Draw floor plan of Access Hatches and allocate number
Anchor Points

Anchor Points

If Yes Number of Anchor Points

Anchor Point Yearly Assessment Document Sighted

If Yes Date on Document
Access Hatch Safety Grille

Access Hatch Safety Grille Drawing

Safety Grille.png

Add Hatch for multiple Access Hatches

Access Hatch

Hatch No

Access Hatch (Take a Photo)

Hatch Location

Hatch Design

Hatch Mounted On

Hatch Cover
Hatch Cover (Take a Photo)

Hatch Cover Material

Lifting Handle

Locking Cleat


Hinge Bolts and Nuts

Rubber Beading

Overall Hatch Cover

Hatch Frame

Hatch Frame Material

Hatch Frame Mounting Bolts

Hatch Frame Dimensions ( Hinge side X Adjacent Side) mm

Supports Design

No of Supports


In case of Side Supports used - Note down dimensions (Width x Depth x Thickness) mm

Overall Hatch Frame

Safety Grille
Safety grille (Take a Photo)

Safety Grille Material

Safety Grille dimension (Hinge Side X Adjacent Side) mm

Safety Grille Grid Design

Grid Bar Dia (mm)

Grid Bar Spacing- Each Way (mm X mm) or Unidirectional Bar (mm apart)

Edge Frame

Edge Frame Dimensions - Flat Bar (Width x Depth) mm or Angle Bar (Width x Depth x Thickness) mm


Stiffeners Dimensions - Angle Bar (Width x Depth x Thickness) mm or Flat Bar (Width x Depth) mm

Warning Sign - 'Do Not Stand'


Hinge Bolts and Nuts

Lifting Handles

Overall Safety Grille


Non-Standard design, draw Sketch here

Classification After Inspection

Work Scope
Complete Assembly
Hatch Cover
Hatch Frame
Safety Grille


Valve Chamber

Number Of Valve Chamber

Is Sign Installed on Valve Camber? (No Safety Grille Under Cover)

Overall Station
Additional Information (Take a Photo)

Additional Comments For Station