• The version control will be maintained by the SHEQ team and is controlled via the Safety Equipment Inspections Document 2073838157-15.

  • WO Number

  • Location: SP

  • Conducted on

  • Address
  • Personnel

Preliminary Tasks

Set up

  • Time of arrival on site

  • Was the truck able to position the bypass pump in the designated location on the site?

  • Observations / Remarks

Equipment connected

  • Note size of hose used

  • Note length of delivery hose

  • Note length of suction hose

  • Note connection type

  • Note connection size

  • Note number of connections

Sequence / task

  • Equipment commenced operation

  • Ran for 2 cycles

  • Was the bypass pump test successful?<br>(ie. was the equipment deployed to site, setup and managing flow within 4 hours of request)

Safety , Enviornment , Community

Were there any issues with:

  • Safety

  • Environment

  • Community

  • Comments, improvements, suggestions, overall impression………… include work order number where raised for remedial work

  • Return Wet Testing form to Ventia Logistics (for data entry to Maximo)

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