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  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Work Requisition#

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Team Members & Team Leaders

  • List names here

Site Safety & Traffic Management

  • 1.1 Worksite clearly identifiable before reaching site

  • 1.2 Work signs erected & traffic management in position

  • 1.3 Pedestrian access & safety maintained correctly

2. Documents

  • 2.1 Task specific authorisation cards available on request (e.g NAC, blue/white card, high risk & traffic management).

  • 2.2 ESSP, Work Practice and Safety Manual available

  • 2.3 JRA complete with all site hazards identified & signed by everyone on site.

3. Personal & Height Safety

  • 3.1 Appropriate approved PPE & PPC worn for task being undertaken

  • 3.2 EWP within test date

  • 3.3 Safety Observer appointed and present when the EWP is in use

  • 3.4 Approved safety harness, lanyard/pole strap used correctly & within test date & in good condition

  • 3.5 First aid kit available on site (easy to access in an emergency)

  • 3.6 Fire extinguishers available, charged and within date

4. Electrical

  • 4.1HV minimum approach distances maintained

  • 4.2 Low voltage neutral position indentified & tagged

  • 4.3 Approved LV Covers/Barriers used & applied to all second points of contact

5. Equipment

  • 5.1 Tools and equipment in use are appropriate for the task

  • 5.2 Ladders/Step ladders are in good condition & within test date

6. Environment

  • 6.1 Worksite left in a safe condition with all rubbish/materials removed

  • 6.2 Public property respected and un damaged

7. Service Connection & Testing

  • 7.1 Metrel tester & electrical equipment in good condition & within test date.

  • 7.2 Current Service Connection Test sheet procedure being followed

  • 7.3 Witness present when carrying out SCT (prep & commissioning) & communicating with the tester

8. General

  • 8.1 Safety Lifesavers ( State 3 relevant to task)

  • 8.2 Any environmentally sensitive areas clearly identified

  • 8.3 Soil erosion & disturbance of Flora/fauna controlled

Site Drawing /Site Photo

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Follow up Actions by Who and When !

  • Action to be undertaken

General Comments and Team Feedback

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Sign Offs

  • Person in control of the worksite

  • Person conducting the assessment

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