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Work Environment

  • Are floor surfaces even and without trip hazards?

  • Is lighting adequate? (Able to read documentation clearly without eye strain)

  • Are noise levels distracting from task concentration?

  • Is ventilation (natural or artificial) adequate?

  • Are walkways cleared of trip hazards such as trailing electrical cords?

Electrical Services

  • Are power points, power boards, and cords free of visible damage, and not overloaded? (No double adaptors or piggyback plugs)

  • Are there an adequate number of power points?

  • Are power points and light switches not damaged and in good working condition?

  • Are electrical appliances free from visible damage and in good working order? (Switches, buttons, casing)

  • Are all electrical items marked either “New to Service” or have been tested, tagged and in date?


  • Are emergency site plans displayed and oriented to their position (i.e. nearby corridor)?

  • Are all fire exits accessible, not blocked & uncluttered?

  • Is fire equipment accessible & unobstructed?

  • Are emergency exit lights functional?

  • Has fire equipment been serviced within the last 6 months (check tag)?

Floors, aisles, stairs & landing

  • Are all walkways free from cords, trip hazards and rubbish?

  • Are all entrances/exits and doorways kept clear?

  • Are all floors safe and not slippery?

  • Are paths, corridors, and floor coverings in good state of repair?

  • Are slip resistant strips on edge (nosing) of steps in place?

  • Are handrails present and in good condition?


  • Are the lights working and is the lighting adequate for work being performed?

  • Are windows and doors in good working condition?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

  • Is furniture in good condition?

  • Are desks and chairs suitable for the occupant?

  • Are ceilings in good condition and intact?

  • Are suitable and sufficient facilities provided for storage?

  • Are materials and equipment stored safely?

  • If kitchen facilities present, are appliances free of damage, tidy and hygienic?

  • Are work areas clean and tidy?

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