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Workplace Area Inspection - Yard

Driveway & Yard Area

  • Kept clear & well defined?

  • Free of Timber & other packing materials?

  • Free of spillages (oil water grease ect)?

  • Speed limit signage in place & visible?

  • Traffic flow / direction displayed e.g linemarkings?

Yard Racking

  • Are all racks in good order?

  • Do all arms on racks have a uplift angle?

  • Are all product in racks stored safely ?<br>

  • Are end stops fitted to arms with loose product in them?

  • Are the Isles free of loose timber & other foreign objects?

  • Are all stillages stored safely & correctly stacked?


  • Is there a adequate supply of P.P.E?

  • Is there an adequate supply of sun screen available?

  • Is P.P.E currently being used by all employees in area?

  • Is there adequate signage in place stating P.P.E requirements?


  • Are all forklifts in good working order?

  • Are all forklifts free of oil leaks?

  • Are L.P.G Bottles stored safely?

  • Are all Emergency Stop Buttons operational?

  • Are all Hydrants clear of clear of stored product?

Car Parking

  • Are there adequate parking spots available?

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