• VPP3&6 Housekeeping Inspection - Undercover Waste Yard

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    The Housekeeping Inspection checklist is an audit tool that is to be used by the site leadership team when conducting an inspection of the workplace.

    1. Housekeeping Inspection checklist shall be completed monthly by various departments.
    2. This inspection should be conducted by two personnel.
    3. Prior to conducting the inspection, review the previous month inspection to see what actions have been undertaken.
    4. On completion of inspection, actions or issues/ concerns, recommendations are to be entered into Mill Issues and completed inspection stored on the site document system. Completed inspections should be reviewed periodically by Department Heads.
    5. This Housekeeping Inspection checklist should be used as a guide and if an item is identified that is not on the checklist, it should be addressed in the notes section for future inclusion.
    6. A Housekeeping Inspection schedule identifies the inspection area each inspection team shall be inspecting month by month.

    Address each question as either yes (compliant) or no (non compliant). If non compliant, enter a comment into the comments section. Areas for improvement should also be noted in the comments section.

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  • This Housekeeping inspection is to be conducted by an authorised and competent person and the JSEA (Conduct Housekeeping Inspection of Undercover Wasteyard) has been read and signed off

  • Inspectors have read and signed off all Undercover Wasteyard SWP's within the past 12 months

  • Ensure Inspection Team have: Bump Cap; Safety Glasses; two-way radio

  • Undercover Wasteyard Traffic Controller has been advised a Housekeeping Inspection is being conducted of the area and inspectors are in possession of a working radio.

Authorised Access Areas (AAA)

  • AAA signage is present at all access points

  • Signs are clear and legible

  • AAA markings are legible on roadways at all three (3) entry points

  • Boom gate is operational and in good condition

  • AAA map and instructions are sign posted at the boom gate point of entry

  • no label
  • Drop Zone area markings are present and legible

  • no label
  • Observations required. Correct procedures are being followed. (Notate number of trucks and/ or movements observed)

Traffic Controller

  • Is the Book of Procedures current and available at the Traffic Control Point. Does book contain a list of procedures

  • Two-way radio communication is used between Traffic Controller and FEL / PME operator

  • Protective barriers are in place around the Traffic Controller area

  • Gate leading to the Traffic Control area is in working order and Authorised Access Sign is present and legible

Front End Loader

  • FEL critical safety devices are fitted and in working order (flashing lights, reverse squawk, reverse flashing lights, keep clear 10mtr hi-vis sign)

  • Pre-Start checks have been carried out (check both Pre-start books and signed of each shift)

  • Observations required. FEL operator is operating in a safe manner and in accordance with procedures

Fire Safety & Emergency

  • Emergency exits are clear and free from obstructions

  • Emergency exit doors open out and without use of key

  • All fire doors are in the closed position along the southern wall (side where boom gate is)

  • All fire doors along northern area (exiting from mill) are correctly sign posted, legible and in working order

  • Emergency Exit lights are above fire exit doors and illuminated

  • Walkways moving away from the fire doors are clear and free of obstructions and trip hazards

  • Fire reels and hoses are in working order. (Area map show emergency equipment locations)

  • no label
  • Fire extinguishers are present where sign posted, in test date and pressurised

  • Access to fire & emergency equipment is free from obstructions and accessible

  • Do emergency services have clear access to the area


  • Is there adequate lighting in the Undercover Waste Yard (note any high bay lighting that is not working)

  • Barricade walls and fencing surrounding the Undercover Waste Yard operations area are in place and serviceable - no gaps are present

  • AAA signs are attached and legible at intervals around the Wasteyard perimeter fence

  • Mirrors on western door are present (to view approaching traffic)

  • Area is free of any leaks or spills that can cause land or water pollution

Additional Comments / Recommendations

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